Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Just a few pictures of our First Christmas together. That was one of Kens Presents to me. It was of 2 separate teddy bears in stockings with his name and my name on the hats ... Our first Christmas together. OK enjoy the pics.

Pics from Kens graduation

Monday, December 17, 2007

We had a great day yesterday. The Panther game was freezing. Blake had a Birthday that he wont forget. The Panthers won. Ken got news today that he passed his test for the Police Department. Im so excited for him. Ill post a pic up here for yall to see that handsome man in his Police uniform!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Blakes Birthday Game.

Beer pong

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

awww we got elfed again!


Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Mist

Ken took me to a movie tonite after work. I have to tell you folks that I still am in shock. Its called The Mist by Stephen King. I cant tell you what it is about because the truth be told I really cant talk about the movie. I dont think I will ever be able to talk about that movie. You must go see it it was good. VERY DISTURBING!!!! I am really like freaked out over this movie. I had heard nothing about this movie. I had no idea what it was about. It was good, just disturbing! ok I have said my Peace! Talk to you soon.!!!

Carolina Game

Ken and I had such a great time at the Carolina Panther game. It was the first game they had won in almost 14 months at home. It was so fun.. at first we had tickets on the last row of the stadium. I felt so bad for Kenny. We had to climb to the 34th row. It was awful!!!! We finally saw some seats in the Handicapped area and we sat there for the last 3 quarters. I put some pictures on here .. Enjoy..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dr Phil is over and Im pissed I wasnt chosen for Oprahs favorite thing show.

Oprah was so close so close to NC and she never came to my house. Oh well I really dont need a fridge with a tv in it anyway. I got my ring back from the jeweler I have to say it is pretty and simple. Poor Ken he is not feeling very well today. Ken is having his swearing in ceremony on the 20th of December. Im so excited for him I cant wait. He says he wants me to pin his badge on him when he gets sworn it. awwwwwwwwwwww Im gonna cry!!! he is so precious!!! ok bye Oprah is on.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


This ine was made by my boss.. I think he did a great job although I dont know why he isnt in this one!

Friday, November 23, 2007

We were elfed this year!!!!

we were elfed this year! I think it is the funniest thing in the world.


Please go and check it out I promise you, you will laugh!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Turkey and more Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I had a great day today. I lost my voice due to a cold that I have been trying to fight all week. MY throat is so sore from trying to strain what is left of my voice. I have got to go to work tomorrow so please if you go shopping atleast think of me so that I can enjoy some of the fun too. I dont have any pictures of the day today although we did bring the camera.Oh well

Ken and I went out on our first date last year the day after Thanksgiving. e are tomorrow night going to go to the same place that he took me on our first date. Im so excited. I cant believe that it has been 1 yr. I have to say that every day I get to know him better and better and that Im looking forward to many more year anniversaries with him.

Ok I am hooked on the game Guitar Hero. It is a silly game that you use a guitar and you have to play the notes as they come up on the screen. Yall Im so hooked. Ken has xBox 360 and I play online and all that are probably there are little 12 and 13 yr olds.. hahahahah they talk junk to me I talk Junk back and if they say nice things I say nice things. someties they kick my butt at the game and they beat me but thats ok I just play and play and play. hahahahhahahaha I want to video myself playing and put it on here so that I show yall what I do...

Since my nose is so stopped up I cant smell a thing. Sammy Kens oldest dog is pooting and he says it is about to knock him out I gave her some turkey for Thanksgiving today.. hehe

Monday, November 5, 2007


These were taken at Halloween. Vigor didnt work so good.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Eve

Well hello there. I figure I would just write to ya'll and let ya'll know that Kens decorations for Halloween are way too cool. He has this dracula looking thing that is 6ft tall and this monster that pulls its head off and screams. A fog machine. Couple of tombstones. Some rats that look horrible. He goes way out. To top it all off his little dracula that he is so excited about is not working. He is bummed like so bummed that the Red Sox won the series. So bummed that ARod will not be coming back he will probably go to the Sox. So bummed like he cant even see straight. OH well tidy hoo. I hear him outside talking to it and banging on it. It works every now and then I think it has a short in it. I will try to get some pics up later for his house. awwwwwww

We had a beautiful weekend at the lake. Finally the water level came up some, the boat is atleast floating. I couldnt stand seeing it just sitting in that mud. I made some brownies tonite they are orange and I put a chocolate bar in the middle of the brownie. oHHH it is tasty. Ill have to maybe send a pic of them too if I can. ok bye bye for now....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My eyes....

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor and get my eyes checked. Well they upped my prescription for my eyes. Well the reason for this blog is to tell you that I looked at the frames of course at the doctors office and I couldnt find anything for under 300.00 THAT PEOPLE didnt even count the lens part. I went to Costco ( it is like a Sams club or a BJs ) I found new updated frames for 59.00 and the lens were another 55.00 BINGO. My kinda place. I asked about kids glasses because my darling baby wears glasses and I was going to get him another pair. Well the lady told me that I had to pay like 29 to 59 depending on the frames and then all their kids lens were on sale for 20 bucks. No matter how terrible their eyesight is. 20 bucks.. Schaweeeeet.....Alright well my shows are cancelled because of the stupid Redsox world series. Just give them the damn trophy and be dine with it.. Im over it. just give the Patriots the trophy and be done with that too.. Alrighty then Ill talk to you peeps later...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our First Pumpkin

This was so much fun. Ken and I carved our very first pumpkin together. He of course carved a Yankee pumpkin and I carved a face IT was alot easier watching him do it . By the time it got around to mine I was tired and wanted to go to bed and watch TV. Here are some pics enjoy!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nikki Wedding

This weekend my bestest friend got married. Here below are some pictures of the wedding. I hope that you enjoy.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This was our Haunted House outing. WE had a blast. I met the man who played PinHead in HEllraiser. We went to 2 last night. The Woods of Terror and Forest of Horror. WE unfortunatley, dont have any pics of the second one.

Men in Trees was awesome Friday night. Im so happy that it is back on. Bye bYe to Lynn who is on her way out. ok Im going to go watch some tv and try to figure out how to get some videos uploaded on here If I get it Ill let yall see it...

Walking with Dinosaurs...

We had so much fun today. Walking with the Dinosaurs was a great show. I was worried that Blake would be scared and of course he was a little at first. It was loud but very colorful. If you get a chance to go when it comes to your sity I advise you to do so. Word of advice: Get at the end of the stage. The dinosaurs come out over top of you there and the kiddies love it. THey are HUGE so no need to get so close, if you get the cheap seats that is just fine. WE had the cheap ones and as you can see from the video that I hope uploaded correctly we had a GREAT view. close enough to see everything but far away so that Blake wont get tooo scared! Pin Head pics will follow soon...

Friday, October 12, 2007

TOnite is the night!!!!!

MEN IN TREES!! MEN IN TREES!! I cant wait I have been waiting very patiently for this night to come all week long. Im so excited I can hardly stand myself!! I will let you all know how it turns out tonite ,wether or not Jack is going to really marry that SLUT Lynn, who stomped on his heart and left him. OHHH goody its 9:45 and its almost time.. I must go now to get ready and all snug in my bed.. I hope that I dont fall asleep. No worries if I do I have DVR!! tootles!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I just love this time of year! The apple pies, the cool days and the cooler nights. I love the vibrant colors of the leaves on the trees. You know, waiting in line for the haunted house with gloves and a hat on your head because when you breathe out you can see your breath!!

WELL NOT THIS YEAR! I aint got any apple pies because the apples are so small that they are sour because we have NO RAIN. the cool days and the cooler nights yeah if you like the hight during the day to be 91' and the low at night to be 77'. Yeah all our leaves already fell off due to the lack of water. Ill be going to a haunted house this weekend and I doubt Ill be wearing a hat and gloves. try shorts and a tank top. They ( the people that we call weather know-it-allers) say that its going to get cooler as the week goes on.Yeah Ill belive that when I see it. Went to see a good movie today it was called "The Kingdom" Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner. I liked it VERY VIOLENT! I finally pulled Ken out of his "the yankees lost " depression and went to the post office this morning. He pulled into the handicapped like he always does and some woman pulled up and yelled at him "sir sir are you handicapped pointing and shaking her handicapped placard to him, He said yes mamn I am I have 2 prosthetic legs, She then said oh sorry and drove off out of the post office parking lot and on down the road she went. I thought that was extremly rude. Yes I understand that some ppl take advantage of the handicapped parking places but you know what if the only reason you have it is because you are fat and cant walk too far because you are lazy that doesnt give you a right to question why other ppl are parking in that spot. UGH Im aggravated today. Damn Yankees You dont know what I have to see when that damn tema loses. My man goes in total depression I wonder sometimes IF he should be on medication during the football, hockey, and basball, season. THAT IS THE WHOLE DAMN YEAR give a week or two in between seaons. all I have to say is may the best team win and for his sake and his sanity I hope it is not Boston. hahahahahhhahahaahha

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sports Sunday.

Please help me understand why it is that MEn get so upset over their teams losing? Is it possible to have a Sunday where you just sit on the couch and relax , watch a couple of good games on TV and just chill? Why cant that be? You know what is more bothersome to them if their team loses? I know Its all the badgering that they are going to get from the people that come out of the woodwork who happen to hate the team that lost. I just dont get it. Ok Ken jusut siad I dont understand it is like "religion" ARE YOU MAD? ITS A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! but you know I would be the same way if they had Coach on sale and the one I wanted was already taken, I would be pretty bummed as well I think that might even ruin my night! Well I went to the Fair today I will send some pics of that and of the "Officer Blake " that I was supposed to send a couple of days ago. Tootles for now.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

ahh Reality shows..

well I just got finished watching VH1 Rock of Love with Brett Michaels. Yes I know what you all are saying, I cant belive I watched that show either but I did! I was I have to say pleased with the outcome. Brett picked Jess. She was the cuter of the 2. Now ya'll know next week they gonna have a reunion show. I am sure I will be talking after that one seeing all the cat claws come out on that one. Reerrarrrrrr..
This week has been very busy, after I got back I have been working nonstop. Ken and I stayed at home all day I didnt answer the phone or anything all day! It was actually nice . Have ya'll ever had one of those non social days?
While I was in Vegas, Ken picked Blake up from school and took him to the Police department where he got sworn in. He is now an "official" HighPoint Police Occifer.
I have posted some pics below so that you can see them. He is such a cutie patootie.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vegas the town of little sleep and alot of ALCOHOL

I had a great time in Vegas I will say this, Im on the wagon till further notice. I got there and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. Well I didnt. you dont sleep in Vegas. I walked down the strip and I had a beer and took it outside with me. I felt like I was breaking the law. Sunday night I took Mom and Diane to go see LOVE. It is a beetles tribute it is an almost telling a story of their songs. Im not that big of a beetle fan but I thought it was awesome. I truly wish my mom had put me in dance lessons because after seeing that show I so wanted to be up there in the Cirque. The wedding as Monday and well they are married. Long story short, we all got trashed,security came,lost money at the machines and I forgot what room number we were in . Lost my phone and thank goodness my mother found it later that day and is bringing it home to me on Thursday. ok so I flew home with a slight hangover and dears, a 6 hr flight across America is nowhere to be when you have a hangover. Im at home now and all is safe. I loved bringing my bags on board because as you all know I will NEVER check bags on an airline if I can help it ever again!

This is LA by the way signing out

Friday, September 21, 2007


Well Folks today I am getting redy to go to Vegas for the first time ever. I have bought a new suit case just for the trip. For everyone reading who doesnt know why I bought a new suit case please read my Blog: Delta the Airline of Idiots. I have bought this to take everything with me on the plane. This should be fun seeing as I have been known to have to take a couple of pairs of shoes and a hairdryer out of my suit case and put it into Kens because it was so heavy.. But this time it a different time. Im taking just exactly what I need If I need anything else out there Ill just buy it there. Tonite Im going to pac and get the iPod corretly working and then Ill be set. Now here is the fun part, My trip starts tomorrow afternoon at 6 when I take or supposedly takes off for Charlotte. ON A PUDDLE HOPPER!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh Im terrified. I dont want to go on a turboprop plane. but I wasnt going to take Delta they can kiss my ass. So here I am taking a turboprop. then I get to Charlotte and jump on a plane going to Vegas at 8. Ill be in Vegas at 9:50 Vegas time. Yippie!!!!!! ok WEll more on the Trip when I get home. Talk to everyone soon!! Tootles!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

YMCA flag football

THis is my little man playing his first flag football game. THey all looked so cute out there. Blake got 5 flags from the other team and he was quarterback. They scored a touchdown when he handed the ball off to one of the other little guys. He looked so cute out there moving his little feet back and forth and saying "hut hut" hahahahahhahaha!!!
The Steelers scored 4 td's and the Ravens scored 2.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Footyball is fianlly here~!!!

I love me some FOOTYBALL!!!! You know lying on the couch all day on Sunday, watching the boob tube in the most comfortable clothes that I wouldnt be caught dead in outside of my home, is WONDERFUL! Now I cant wait for it to cool off and get cold. Just picture this: A cold rainy Sunday, with the smell of chilli cooking all day on the stove, you are on the couch with the heat turned off and the air not coming on. You lie there and start watching footyball highlights. You doze off just for a moment and are awakened by the sound of TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE it! The best thing is, is that Footyball comes on allllll day long and the next day as well!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Well I bid on this duvet cover and shams that match and I had to work on Saturday so I thought everything would have been fine. Well some meany head came at the last minute and bid 118.17. I lost it. I lost the brandnew ( so it said ) comforter,the 2 standard shams, and my pride. That really bites the Big Lebowski you know. Well so now as I sit here debating on buying the one comforter for 99 bucks and going to the store to get the shams I sit here and say sure as I do something else will come along. So Im going to wait. Wait. Wait. ok tootles everyone..

Friday, September 7, 2007

My Friday Night

Well tonite I sit here at the house on a Friday Night with NOT A THANG to do... I have to say I miss it. Im watching my cartoons and Im getting prepared for Saturday at the salon starting at 7:30 in the am. I just made a bid on a duvet cover and shams that match from Pottery Barn on Ebay. I have to say I love me some Ebay. I get too finger happy in there sometimes. My finger just starts clicking the buttons and before you know it I have like 5 items Im bidding on. AHHHH madness.. I had been wanting this piticular one from PB so I was very happy to find it at a price I would pay. Yall know as germaphobic, ( did I spell that right? ) that I will be washing that crap at the dry cleaners before I put it on my precious bed. Alright well Im off to play my game Roller Coaster Tycoon that Im TOTALLY hooked on. see yah

LA by the way signing out.. For Now

Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day

Ahhhhhh...A holiday weekend is aproaching. It is funny, today is Friday no different from any other day of the week and still people cannot drive. There Im sure are going tobe lots of cops on the roads this weekend. PLEASE dont drink and drive! Find someone else to take you home who is sober. Take care talk to you later gators!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Men in Trees returns October 12th

You know I just love that show! I cant wait for it to begin October 12th. Im so excited I think I will have a party for the show. I think I like it so much because it is about a woman who is in her 30's, she has moved to Alaska to get over men and the people there to help her get over men are all MEN! MY kind of PLACE! hmmmm I wonder if Kenny boy will move to Alaska?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

from NY

Ok the pics are self explanatory but the building I have to say is of where DEREK JETER LIVES!!!! that folks is Trump Towers. Im jusat going by what the ppl told me on the tour bus as it was raining of course we were on the top. It was colllllddddd too!

HOt HOt HOt!

Oh boy. Today is hot. I have some pics that I will show you from my wonderful trip up north. Lorraine Im glad that you are back safe. I cant wait to hear all about Sonic. We might go to Sonic later for some of their cheese sticks. You should have gone there when they had cheese cake that was fried. I had some on e it was actually good. The cheesecake was still cold but it was a hot crispy pastry on the outside. Hobby Lobby down here are pretty nice. I like their seasonal decorations. Their scrap stuff is alright. I think JoAnns or AC Moore have a better selection. Hobby Lobby has good ideas for crafts. Good prices on the pic frames and stuff to fill your home so that it looks nice. I call them dust collectors. My home is filled with pic frames with pics in them .. not to many nic nacs for me. Tom my boyfriend has been all over the world. You probably do have a pic standing with him. I did like your Tuna pic. It as a very big fish.. all we ever catch are these.. please look below to see the pic...

So see Tom Your Tuna is really cool. I am just totally jealous I didnt catch something like that.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Hello to all who read the LA by the way blog. This is for the anonymous person who said that my last blog as old news. Well if you must know nothing new has happened. I really have nothing to talk about just yet. I just got in from a 24hr trip to the beach and Im kinda tired. Im sure that I will have more to gab about later. Thanks for reading LA by the way.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

DELTA the airline of IDIOTS!!!!!

Hello to all. I have a story to tell. I will be using all sorts of profanties, so if you are sensitive to these words please do yourself a favor and do not read.
Ok, Friday morning it is 10:30 I have a piece of taost with a tad of butter on it. I figure that Ill eat at the game tonite. I get to the airport at 11:15 for a flight that I booked online with Orbitz. Sorry Diana. I check both bags and get both of our boarding passes. Ken is coming from Davidson College he has class for his Police thingy. Anyways he calls me at 12 noon and says that there is an over turned truck and he would be at the airport in 15 min. Our flight took off at 1pm so that is fine get there when you can all we had to do was walk through the security. He gets there at 12:30 or so and we go through security and walk down to the gate. He stops at the snack place to get something lite b/c he was hungry. We board the plane and are pushed off, start going down the turmac and we stop. Apparently, there is a ground stop in LGA. (Laguardia in NYC) so we sit there for 30 min. Then the piolt comes on the speaker and says that they will have another update in an hour and for us to hold tight. So we sit there and the airline ppl are passing around drinks and snackies. So an hr goes by and the pilot gets back on and says "folks it looks like it is going to be another 45 min. after that if there is still a ground stop in LGA we will turn around and go back to the terminal." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? We have to be in NY for a 7pm game to see the Yankees play the Detroit Tigers. It is now 3:15pm. Did I tell you earlier that I had 4th row behind Yankee dugout tickets for Friday at 7pm the 17th of August?
So we are now back at the terminal. We go up to the counter because now the flight to LGA was now cancelled. So I am just this much shy of showing my ass when we were offered a flight to go to NY at 5:45, or we could go to Atlanta on the 5:30 flight then catch a 7:30 flight up to LAG. Clearly by this time we knew the god damn game we had been looking forward to for the past 3 weeks we werent going to fucking see. We chose to go to Atlanta on the 5:30 and catch the 7:30 to LGA. We sat there and we sat there in the terminal I didnt want to eat anything because I was so pissed. All I could do was just sit there and say over and over again 4th row tickets behind Yankee dugout. The flight to NYC at 5:45 was cancelled as well,due to the indefinite ground stop in LGA. Ken and I board our plane to ATL and we get on the turmac and mutha fucking stop again. GROUND MUTHA FUCKING STOP IN ATL! Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME AM I ON CANDID FUCKING CAMERA? so we sit there for 45 min. then we turn around AGAIN and go back to the terminal. Ken and I were ready to go home. Say fuck it in a bucket lets get our bags and go the hell home. We get off the plane and go up to the counter and they announce that the ground stop in ATL is lifted. so they have to get everyone back onto the plane. Ken and I said WE dont think so we are ready to go home DELTA has fucked us in the ass to damn long and I was not going to get shitted in Atlanta. I would rather and the lady interrupted me and said I cant get your bags when they lift the ground stop you have to go now or stay and get your bags later. Ok so back on the Delta flight whatever fucking number flight it is and we head off to ATL. We are now in route to ATL it is 6:40pm we are clearly going to miss our 7:30 to LGA. Not to worry with all the new friends we have going to LGA our 7:30 has been delayed to 8:30. We get to ATL. YIPPEEEEEEEE FUCKING DO. We run like we stole something to our gate our flight has been delayed now from 8:30 to 8:50. we get to our gate at 8:35. (our new friends are all right behind us) the fucking gate is MUTHA FUCKING CLOSED. They have boarded the plane and locked the doors they were about to pull off and get into the air one person said. I took the liberty of going to the DELTA bitch and say what in the hell is going on? We have 15 min till our LGA flight takes off why can we not get on the god damned plane? Its closed the Delta whore says. I say are you hearing that they are calling for the stand by fliers to get on to our plane I dont understand why they can get on but I cant??????? I NEED TO GET TO NY TONITE DELTA HAS SCREWED ME ENOUGH AND FOR THOSE WHO KNOW ME WHEN I GET SCREWED I LIKE TO ENJOY IT!I have not enjoyed the ass pushing that Delta has given to us today. So I am at this point beyond pissed, I havent eaten, I missed seeing Derek Jeter, I dont have shit with me to get fucking stuck in ATL. It is obvious we are going to spend the night in ATL there are no more flights going into LGA. SO DElta sticks us in a hotel gives us a 7 buck voucher for food and a flight to take off Saturday from ATL to LGA at 4:45pm. FUCK YOU!!!!!! Im not staying in ATL for a whole nother day. So we go up to the Delta counter and there again Im dealing with ppl who dont really care what in the world happens to you. I explain that I just want to go home. I dont want to go to LGA anymore. I start crying because out of all the events that were happnening that day I just wanted to cry cut my losses and go the hell home see the dogs and just be done with it.
She gives us the option to go to GSO at 10:30 am or go to LGA at 7:45am. Ken chooses the LGA and off we go to get our luggage and call a cab to slavage what we can of our fucked up Friday night. The time is 10:30pm. WE proceed to baggage claim, SURFUCKINGPRISE... our luggage is nowhere to be found. IT IS ON ITS WAY TO NEWYORK ON THE FUCKING PLANE THAT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE ON. okay now guys this is where it gets sensitive. NIagra falls starts rolling down my face. WE are stuck in ATL we have no clothes no tooth brush no deoderant no food NO NOTHING! I lose it I just walk away. Ken I guess finishes up with the lady and meets me and my crybaby self outside. We get a cab go the the damn hotel and go to the bar to get something to eat with our 7 dollar voucher. THE ONLY God damn thing on the menu for under 7 bucks were cups of soup for 5 bucks, the rest was $14 and up. I got a sandwhich and Ken got some spaghetti. We get to our room and finally get our showers and go to bed, they gave us some shower things and a tooth brush. I laid there and tried to go to sleep and at 5:15am I did just that. 5:30am comes our wake up call. HERE we go again. We get to the airport see our friends from Friday and we all talk about how we got no sleep at all blah blah blah . FINALLY we get to NY. We are greeted by a car (limo I may say) to take us to Connecticut, where his brother and family live. The ride is awesome as we are both just wanting to curl up and go to sleep. we did just that then I get a phone call from my favorite little cousin and she asks all about the game. I hated to tell her about my lovely fucking trip or about the fucking AWESOME game that we missed over the phone. I wanted her to read it in my blog. So here it is. That is my trip to NY. We did have a good time,NYC was great I got some really nice knockoffs I think I even got some real ones. It was very cold there only like 55' freezing to me. Ken loved it. I do like it up there I would love to move to the north one day. I would have to toughen up for the snow. All in all it was a great weekend and I cant wait to fly up on USAIr or Contenintal. The flight home was delayed an hr and then we were in a holding pattern for 1hr and 1/2. WE are home now ready to plan our next trip to NY to hopefully see a Yankee game. Talk to youlater gators....

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Getty Ready

Well hello to all who read my boring posts. I have another one for you. Im leaving today to go out of town. OF course my iPOD decides to go haywire. My computer to reset the iPOD suddenly doesnt know what to do because the music contraption I seem to love and can not travel without has suddenly gone screwy. So at 2am I just let it be and quit trying to fix something I know nothing about, finish packing my things and paint my toe nails and go to bed. I get up this AM kinda late b/c I went to bed so late last night, come into the compter room and turn on the computer and try to see what is wrong with the iPOD. TADAAHHHHHHHHHHH something happened over the night. THe iPOD fairy came while I was sleeping and sprinkled her iPOD dust and BAM it was working. Of course the battery is dead and I have to pray it gets charged before I leave at 11am . All is well, I have my new songs on there and the only thing that is screwy is my mind today! YIPEE for me! cooloer weather I hope here I come!

This is LA by the way signing out!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Everyone this is Ken

This beautiful animal you see before you is not quite the innocent she portrays to be.
I made these wonderful rasberry muffins yesterday for Ken to eat before or on his way to class. I made 6. I ate one this AM and he ate one . I put 2 in a plastic bag for Johnny. ( friend of Kens ) so there should be 2 left over. THERE IS NOT. Someone who shall be named SAMMIE ate 2 of my rasberry muffins. paper and all. The kicker... the paper that I put back over the muffins this morning was still on the plate, like there are still 2 muffins underneath it. Ken is going to set up a video camera hahahahahahahha.!!

This is LA by the way.

Monday, August 13, 2007

You would think?

You would think this would be easier then trying to figure out Myspace. Yes I know I have a Myspace account. You also can go there to bug me. It is www.myspace.com/happyscissorhands Whooo I dont know how to add this and I dont know how to do that.. I think it is a good thing that I do hair. I can figure out that part.

Working in the hair biz is tough. Do you know how freaking nutso I am? I have multiple personalities. I have one for the older woman whose kids never see her. I have one 30 min later for the bride getting her hair done. I have one an hour later for the man who just found out his wife was cheating on him with my customer that is coming in on the next day who is going to tell me about his new girlfriend. UGHHHHHHHHH and people wonder why sometimes Im moody? So Im going to try to use this blog as a type of calming down so I can sleep at night and not have so many things going thru my mind at once sorta thing. I have to get in here though and really do some work I dont want you all to be bored! Tootles...

This is LA by the way signing out til next time!