Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Eve

Well hello there. I figure I would just write to ya'll and let ya'll know that Kens decorations for Halloween are way too cool. He has this dracula looking thing that is 6ft tall and this monster that pulls its head off and screams. A fog machine. Couple of tombstones. Some rats that look horrible. He goes way out. To top it all off his little dracula that he is so excited about is not working. He is bummed like so bummed that the Red Sox won the series. So bummed that ARod will not be coming back he will probably go to the Sox. So bummed like he cant even see straight. OH well tidy hoo. I hear him outside talking to it and banging on it. It works every now and then I think it has a short in it. I will try to get some pics up later for his house. awwwwwww

We had a beautiful weekend at the lake. Finally the water level came up some, the boat is atleast floating. I couldnt stand seeing it just sitting in that mud. I made some brownies tonite they are orange and I put a chocolate bar in the middle of the brownie. oHHH it is tasty. Ill have to maybe send a pic of them too if I can. ok bye bye for now....


Lorraine said...

well korey is pretty dang excited about sox! haha! and we are decorated too but not as much as you. chat tomorrow