Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Natural Science Center

Now that you all have enjoyed all me videos, here are some pictures for you to enjoy. These are from when we went to the Natural Science Center and the little zoo there when Kens sister and her family were here last week. If I can get the tiger video up here Ya'll must watch that one too it is great.

Look in the pictures at the little kid. I think that he resembles Blake. What do you think?

Monday, April 28, 2008

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A Cinco de Mayo tribute

Don't send a lame eCard.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Of course It has been so nice outside for the past 4 days. Im tlaking 75' to 80' weather with no humidity and it is nice to walk outside and stay there for a little while before moving to a prettier spot. Today Im having mom and Blake come over for supper ( Ken will meet up with us later) and its hailing outside now. The lightening is so streaky I just want to sit and watch it through the dark sky. There goes my cookout. We were going to eat outside and have a picnic party. That is taking place inside today now. It figures. I order lunch it always comes back wrong. I want to have a cookout outside it rains.. It never fails.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We are home from our trip. We had a good time. The weather could have been warmer but oh well thats just the chance you take.
Well last night we went to a place called Hanks for supper. It was fabulous although it was a bit snobby for us. We walked in and of course we were in jeans and pullover jackets. It was cold and well we were walking all day and blah who wanted to go back to the hotel to change. Anyway, we sat down and then one of the chicks that worked at the place came over to Ken and asked if he could remove his hat. Whoops.. oh well. Our wiater came over to us and said that they had 3 different waters. Tap, Seltzer, and sparkling which kind do we want. hahahahah I was like what and Ken just said " Just give me the tap and Ill be fine." There was nothing wrong with it it was just it was just the way that it was said to us and well us rednecks from NC just want tap water. hahahahahaha just funny thats all. ok well Im off to do my errands online chat later.. tootles!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another one of those homes.
Us in Jail.
I was being tortured. This I guess is how they did it back then, they tied your feet and lifted your arms so that they were stretching your body. The tighter your body was stretched the less you moved while they whiped you. It was quite interesting being in those things. Ken pushed me forward. I think he just wanted to see my hands tied down.

We had fun today. We went onto a carriage ride. Had a great lunch and an even better dinner at a place called Hanks. YUMMMMMYYY. I thought Charleston was really nice. I had a good time here. The weather could have been a little warmer but hey when you come to the south you never know what you are going to get with the weather so bring a little of everything. Tanks to flops to jeans to sweaters. Going home tomorrow.. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Its ok we are going to Washington in a little over 3 weeks. So more to come. Talk to ya'll soon. bye bye for now.

THis is the Jail... oooh they say that it is the most haunted building in CHarleston. WE went all through it tonite and it was spooky. There was one point Ken had his arm around me and he was leaning on me and there was a light that went out and then we heard things below us.. OHHHHH Kenny was scared... shhh dont tell him I told you...
THis is one of the many houses in Charleston. Beautiful is all I have to say. I loved them. the porches are all on the side instead of the front because none of these homes have air or heat. in the summer you would get the breeze and in the winter you would get the sun.

Just some pics

This is our ghost do you see it?
Darn shark it took my babies feet.
10,000 cookies anyone? Lorraine this is one I think you should try....

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fort Sumter

We had such a good time today. We went on a ghost tour tonite and well there is one pic that I will put in here and you tell me if its a ghost...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We are here!!!

We arrived today in Charleston and I do have to say it is beautiful.
Well first thing is first. I went on my first ride-a-long with Ken last night. Let me tell you folks when a cop car is behind you they are doing what I call a check. They ARE running your plates and they are checking to see wether or not you are leagal. So I do hope that you all have your liscense and that you all are going the speed limit. As for everything else that happened last night I cant say anything because I signed a waiver saying that I would not divulge any information about what happened.

Ok Now for the other part. We are in Charleston and I have to say how beautiful it truly is. We went into Charleston tonite and had dinner at a place called Hymans. Wonderful I had a bunch of appetizers. Fried green tomatos. Shrimp and Grits and stuffed mushrooms. Ken had the crab cakes. I personally did not care for the shrimp and grits. Grits are good Shrimp are good.. just too me they are not good together. Fried Gr tomatos.. they were good I like the way I make mine a little better of course. Stuffed mushrooms very tasty and the crab cakes of course were awesome. More to come tomorrow go enjoy some pics... By the way.. ALLERGIES SUCK!!!!!! but thanks to nasal spray.. Im breathing right !!! Enjoy the pics!!! LOOK at KEN... He is in the sand!! his feet and my feet!!!!! awwwwwwwww

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I made my first dish of risotto tonite. I am so proud of myself. I have to say it was quite tasty. Yummo. I used this rice other then the aborio that I wished that I could have found. I went to the wrong grocery store. Next time I know. This worked fine!

LMN channel and Lifetime

What is up with these 2 channels? I dont have any plans today so I started out watching tv at 8 this morning and then well its now 3 and Im still watching tv. Yup thats me... eating Organic Dark chocolate MM's and watching LMN. Today was finally a partly sunny day. GOing to go to SC this weekend and Im so excited about that! A GET A WAY!!!!!! yippeeeee

Monday, April 7, 2008

I thought that this video was so cute. Im not sure if its in this one or not but he is dancing. Blake was out of school today and we went bowling with Nona. She should have some pics up soon so Ill steal some of those and put them on here later.

Oh my GOODNESS could it be any more cloudy then it has been for the last week? Im so depressed and angry. AHHHHH I need sunshine! I dont think I could live anywhere without the sun. I cant take it anymore.

Have you heard the news?????? Pizza Hut is serving pasta. wow and I thought there was nothing better then their buttery pizza crust. THey now have pasta. YIPEE!!!! alright going to go to the Grasshopper opener tonite. It is going to be cold.. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. See yah

Friday, April 4, 2008


Well miss Lorraine.. Sky Bus closed down. so guess what folks just another lovely thing that happens to wonderful people like me! OK off to orbitz to see what int he HELL Im going to do now!

Split Ends

Have you all seen this show? It is on the style channel and well me being what I am I find it fascinating!!! They take these 2 stylists from different back grounds and switch them . They have one stylist who thinks they are all that and one stylist who is used to being all that hahahahah IT is hillarious.... Split Ends on the style channel. It is a must watch!

This is Abby my newest little cousin. She is so precious..

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Update on Sammy Dawg...

WELL Ken got word from the vet that Sammy doesnt have cancer. Thank goodness. It is arthritis and she has it terrible in her back legs so there for she is putting all of her weight on her 2 front legs. Which that is causing the extra bone growth on both of her 2 front paws. So now I think he is going to go and get her a " doggie physical therapist" awwwwwwwww how cute will that be.. we are going to put Sammy thru therapy.

Rain Rain Rain. Ill hopefully sleep well tonite. This prednisone is kicking my tail.
I have been up at like 2 in the am. I finally get some sleep and then 3 hrs later I am awake with my alarm. lovely.... I have read enough books and done plenty of suduko and it doesnt help. Tylenol Pm will help.

MAJOR MAJOR clog in my sink in the kitchen. Since my handyman is laughing at me from above now with fixing all this crap in the 40 yr old home I had to have, I dont have a clue what to do with a clog except Drano.
Drano is great but stinks on my pipes. I put it down the drain this am and I had to let it sit all day in my drain. While I was at work thinking my clog was going to be all fixed, instead al lit did was sit there in the drain all day and not do crap.
So of course I say CRAP and start freaking out because now I have no freaking clue what to do. So after a slight melt down, I calmed down and went and got a plunger. There I am plunging away when the phone rings. It was MOM and well we dont need to tell her about our melt downs. ( although she will read this and find out) I FIX IT!!!! IM SO PROUD of myslef that YEAHHHHHHH I fixed it.. all this black crap comes up and it smells horrible and all the cucca in the world goes right back down into the drain and WHOLA its done.. ahhhhh I can try to sleep tonite that my drain is fixed.
I have had a talk with my home and it understands that it cant break anymore unless it wants to lose me as an owner. So far it has behaved..

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My April Fools joke....

My April Fools joke was a hit yeaterday. hahahahha SUCKAS!!!!!!!!!

Well I am using the new air card I got from Verizon and so far so good. I had a little trouble signing in tonite and I think it didnt have that srong of a signal. I plugged it up and whola it works fine.

I was supposed to delete the Aril Fools Joke last night but I forgot and whoops Ken saw it. I really didnt want him to see it I dont want to rush him or put any pressure on him. I have been married before so its is honestly no rush. But Ken in November it will be 2 yrs I am going to do what Lorraine did and date other people. Oh yeah you will have to ask Lorriane about that one. I think very highly of her and I have much repect for her for doing that !! LOL!!!!!

You know I came home tonite with all intention of dusting and cleaning up the house YEAH not going to happen.

Alrighty Dighty I will chat later. Ken booked us tickets to the Ghost tour in Charleston. YIPPE it is at 9:30 at night. Yikes I may have to take a quick nap to stay up that late.

See ya!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Exciting News...


If Lorraine would have answered her phone today she would have been the first to find out. But she wasnt... SO all my blogger friends know now!!!!

New Cookware

I ordered my brand new cookware today. Im so excited I cant wait. I got Calphalon 10 pc set. So watch out Im not going to be going out to eat as often once my new cookware comes. Dont worry the newness of it will wear off and Ill be back at Olive Garden before too long. My super rich cousin is planning a trip to disney. I want to go to .. Ken wants to go too, we might. Im not as thrilled about it as he is at the fact we may go again. I would much rather go somewhere else like Tahiti. One of those huts that are out in the middle of the water. I think that would be grand!!! I wouldnt mind Fugi either. Oh well I will keep looking at those online. I look at that stuff all the time and send ot on over to Ken. I think he looks at them for 1 sec and then deletes it. Sammy is feeling much better. Well she is atleast wagging her tail today. Poor thing every time I get up to go into the kitchen she hobbles on in there. Poor Baby.
Alright I will chat to you all later!