Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day

Ahhhhhh...A holiday weekend is aproaching. It is funny, today is Friday no different from any other day of the week and still people cannot drive. There Im sure are going tobe lots of cops on the roads this weekend. PLEASE dont drink and drive! Find someone else to take you home who is sober. Take care talk to you later gators!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Men in Trees returns October 12th

You know I just love that show! I cant wait for it to begin October 12th. Im so excited I think I will have a party for the show. I think I like it so much because it is about a woman who is in her 30's, she has moved to Alaska to get over men and the people there to help her get over men are all MEN! MY kind of PLACE! hmmmm I wonder if Kenny boy will move to Alaska?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

from NY

Ok the pics are self explanatory but the building I have to say is of where DEREK JETER LIVES!!!! that folks is Trump Towers. Im jusat going by what the ppl told me on the tour bus as it was raining of course we were on the top. It was colllllddddd too!

HOt HOt HOt!

Oh boy. Today is hot. I have some pics that I will show you from my wonderful trip up north. Lorraine Im glad that you are back safe. I cant wait to hear all about Sonic. We might go to Sonic later for some of their cheese sticks. You should have gone there when they had cheese cake that was fried. I had some on e it was actually good. The cheesecake was still cold but it was a hot crispy pastry on the outside. Hobby Lobby down here are pretty nice. I like their seasonal decorations. Their scrap stuff is alright. I think JoAnns or AC Moore have a better selection. Hobby Lobby has good ideas for crafts. Good prices on the pic frames and stuff to fill your home so that it looks nice. I call them dust collectors. My home is filled with pic frames with pics in them .. not to many nic nacs for me. Tom my boyfriend has been all over the world. You probably do have a pic standing with him. I did like your Tuna pic. It as a very big fish.. all we ever catch are these.. please look below to see the pic...

So see Tom Your Tuna is really cool. I am just totally jealous I didnt catch something like that.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Hello to all who read the LA by the way blog. This is for the anonymous person who said that my last blog as old news. Well if you must know nothing new has happened. I really have nothing to talk about just yet. I just got in from a 24hr trip to the beach and Im kinda tired. Im sure that I will have more to gab about later. Thanks for reading LA by the way.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

DELTA the airline of IDIOTS!!!!!

Hello to all. I have a story to tell. I will be using all sorts of profanties, so if you are sensitive to these words please do yourself a favor and do not read.
Ok, Friday morning it is 10:30 I have a piece of taost with a tad of butter on it. I figure that Ill eat at the game tonite. I get to the airport at 11:15 for a flight that I booked online with Orbitz. Sorry Diana. I check both bags and get both of our boarding passes. Ken is coming from Davidson College he has class for his Police thingy. Anyways he calls me at 12 noon and says that there is an over turned truck and he would be at the airport in 15 min. Our flight took off at 1pm so that is fine get there when you can all we had to do was walk through the security. He gets there at 12:30 or so and we go through security and walk down to the gate. He stops at the snack place to get something lite b/c he was hungry. We board the plane and are pushed off, start going down the turmac and we stop. Apparently, there is a ground stop in LGA. (Laguardia in NYC) so we sit there for 30 min. Then the piolt comes on the speaker and says that they will have another update in an hour and for us to hold tight. So we sit there and the airline ppl are passing around drinks and snackies. So an hr goes by and the pilot gets back on and says "folks it looks like it is going to be another 45 min. after that if there is still a ground stop in LGA we will turn around and go back to the terminal." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? We have to be in NY for a 7pm game to see the Yankees play the Detroit Tigers. It is now 3:15pm. Did I tell you earlier that I had 4th row behind Yankee dugout tickets for Friday at 7pm the 17th of August?
So we are now back at the terminal. We go up to the counter because now the flight to LGA was now cancelled. So I am just this much shy of showing my ass when we were offered a flight to go to NY at 5:45, or we could go to Atlanta on the 5:30 flight then catch a 7:30 flight up to LAG. Clearly by this time we knew the god damn game we had been looking forward to for the past 3 weeks we werent going to fucking see. We chose to go to Atlanta on the 5:30 and catch the 7:30 to LGA. We sat there and we sat there in the terminal I didnt want to eat anything because I was so pissed. All I could do was just sit there and say over and over again 4th row tickets behind Yankee dugout. The flight to NYC at 5:45 was cancelled as well,due to the indefinite ground stop in LGA. Ken and I board our plane to ATL and we get on the turmac and mutha fucking stop again. GROUND MUTHA FUCKING STOP IN ATL! Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME AM I ON CANDID FUCKING CAMERA? so we sit there for 45 min. then we turn around AGAIN and go back to the terminal. Ken and I were ready to go home. Say fuck it in a bucket lets get our bags and go the hell home. We get off the plane and go up to the counter and they announce that the ground stop in ATL is lifted. so they have to get everyone back onto the plane. Ken and I said WE dont think so we are ready to go home DELTA has fucked us in the ass to damn long and I was not going to get shitted in Atlanta. I would rather and the lady interrupted me and said I cant get your bags when they lift the ground stop you have to go now or stay and get your bags later. Ok so back on the Delta flight whatever fucking number flight it is and we head off to ATL. We are now in route to ATL it is 6:40pm we are clearly going to miss our 7:30 to LGA. Not to worry with all the new friends we have going to LGA our 7:30 has been delayed to 8:30. We get to ATL. YIPPEEEEEEEE FUCKING DO. We run like we stole something to our gate our flight has been delayed now from 8:30 to 8:50. we get to our gate at 8:35. (our new friends are all right behind us) the fucking gate is MUTHA FUCKING CLOSED. They have boarded the plane and locked the doors they were about to pull off and get into the air one person said. I took the liberty of going to the DELTA bitch and say what in the hell is going on? We have 15 min till our LGA flight takes off why can we not get on the god damned plane? Its closed the Delta whore says. I say are you hearing that they are calling for the stand by fliers to get on to our plane I dont understand why they can get on but I cant??????? I NEED TO GET TO NY TONITE DELTA HAS SCREWED ME ENOUGH AND FOR THOSE WHO KNOW ME WHEN I GET SCREWED I LIKE TO ENJOY IT!I have not enjoyed the ass pushing that Delta has given to us today. So I am at this point beyond pissed, I havent eaten, I missed seeing Derek Jeter, I dont have shit with me to get fucking stuck in ATL. It is obvious we are going to spend the night in ATL there are no more flights going into LGA. SO DElta sticks us in a hotel gives us a 7 buck voucher for food and a flight to take off Saturday from ATL to LGA at 4:45pm. FUCK YOU!!!!!! Im not staying in ATL for a whole nother day. So we go up to the Delta counter and there again Im dealing with ppl who dont really care what in the world happens to you. I explain that I just want to go home. I dont want to go to LGA anymore. I start crying because out of all the events that were happnening that day I just wanted to cry cut my losses and go the hell home see the dogs and just be done with it.
She gives us the option to go to GSO at 10:30 am or go to LGA at 7:45am. Ken chooses the LGA and off we go to get our luggage and call a cab to slavage what we can of our fucked up Friday night. The time is 10:30pm. WE proceed to baggage claim, SURFUCKINGPRISE... our luggage is nowhere to be found. IT IS ON ITS WAY TO NEWYORK ON THE FUCKING PLANE THAT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE ON. okay now guys this is where it gets sensitive. NIagra falls starts rolling down my face. WE are stuck in ATL we have no clothes no tooth brush no deoderant no food NO NOTHING! I lose it I just walk away. Ken I guess finishes up with the lady and meets me and my crybaby self outside. We get a cab go the the damn hotel and go to the bar to get something to eat with our 7 dollar voucher. THE ONLY God damn thing on the menu for under 7 bucks were cups of soup for 5 bucks, the rest was $14 and up. I got a sandwhich and Ken got some spaghetti. We get to our room and finally get our showers and go to bed, they gave us some shower things and a tooth brush. I laid there and tried to go to sleep and at 5:15am I did just that. 5:30am comes our wake up call. HERE we go again. We get to the airport see our friends from Friday and we all talk about how we got no sleep at all blah blah blah . FINALLY we get to NY. We are greeted by a car (limo I may say) to take us to Connecticut, where his brother and family live. The ride is awesome as we are both just wanting to curl up and go to sleep. we did just that then I get a phone call from my favorite little cousin and she asks all about the game. I hated to tell her about my lovely fucking trip or about the fucking AWESOME game that we missed over the phone. I wanted her to read it in my blog. So here it is. That is my trip to NY. We did have a good time,NYC was great I got some really nice knockoffs I think I even got some real ones. It was very cold there only like 55' freezing to me. Ken loved it. I do like it up there I would love to move to the north one day. I would have to toughen up for the snow. All in all it was a great weekend and I cant wait to fly up on USAIr or Contenintal. The flight home was delayed an hr and then we were in a holding pattern for 1hr and 1/2. WE are home now ready to plan our next trip to NY to hopefully see a Yankee game. Talk to youlater gators....

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Getty Ready

Well hello to all who read my boring posts. I have another one for you. Im leaving today to go out of town. OF course my iPOD decides to go haywire. My computer to reset the iPOD suddenly doesnt know what to do because the music contraption I seem to love and can not travel without has suddenly gone screwy. So at 2am I just let it be and quit trying to fix something I know nothing about, finish packing my things and paint my toe nails and go to bed. I get up this AM kinda late b/c I went to bed so late last night, come into the compter room and turn on the computer and try to see what is wrong with the iPOD. TADAAHHHHHHHHHHH something happened over the night. THe iPOD fairy came while I was sleeping and sprinkled her iPOD dust and BAM it was working. Of course the battery is dead and I have to pray it gets charged before I leave at 11am . All is well, I have my new songs on there and the only thing that is screwy is my mind today! YIPEE for me! cooloer weather I hope here I come!

This is LA by the way signing out!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Everyone this is Ken

This beautiful animal you see before you is not quite the innocent she portrays to be.
I made these wonderful rasberry muffins yesterday for Ken to eat before or on his way to class. I made 6. I ate one this AM and he ate one . I put 2 in a plastic bag for Johnny. ( friend of Kens ) so there should be 2 left over. THERE IS NOT. Someone who shall be named SAMMIE ate 2 of my rasberry muffins. paper and all. The kicker... the paper that I put back over the muffins this morning was still on the plate, like there are still 2 muffins underneath it. Ken is going to set up a video camera hahahahahahahha.!!

This is LA by the way.

Monday, August 13, 2007

You would think?

You would think this would be easier then trying to figure out Myspace. Yes I know I have a Myspace account. You also can go there to bug me. It is Whooo I dont know how to add this and I dont know how to do that.. I think it is a good thing that I do hair. I can figure out that part.

Working in the hair biz is tough. Do you know how freaking nutso I am? I have multiple personalities. I have one for the older woman whose kids never see her. I have one 30 min later for the bride getting her hair done. I have one an hour later for the man who just found out his wife was cheating on him with my customer that is coming in on the next day who is going to tell me about his new girlfriend. UGHHHHHHHHH and people wonder why sometimes Im moody? So Im going to try to use this blog as a type of calming down so I can sleep at night and not have so many things going thru my mind at once sorta thing. I have to get in here though and really do some work I dont want you all to be bored! Tootles...

This is LA by the way signing out til next time!