Monday, August 27, 2007


Hello to all who read the LA by the way blog. This is for the anonymous person who said that my last blog as old news. Well if you must know nothing new has happened. I really have nothing to talk about just yet. I just got in from a 24hr trip to the beach and Im kinda tired. Im sure that I will have more to gab about later. Thanks for reading LA by the way.


Lorraine of Ferland Family! said...

hahahaha boy people are mean to leave you messages saying your blog was old news. hahahhahhha

Christina said...

Holy crap in a wheelbarrow! I know how excited you were as I saw you the day before you left, sounds like just about EVERY airline is bending everyone over lately...oh yeah, love the blog page!

Tom Beebe said...

Oh yeah, I have a picture with me next to a guy that looks just like your boy friend...if you think my fish isn't real, maybe you just found some random dude on myspace to copy his pictures :p