Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whew Im tired of the snow...

I cant go anywhere.. the streets are covered with packed down ice and snow. So far in my 48 hr vacation from work I have made chicken stew, sausage balls,2 dishwasher loads, 4 loads of clothes, painted my toenails, cleaned off the car, 2 naps, went for a walk up the hill to see that I probably wasnt getting out of here til Wed and that is IF I can make it up the hill to even get out of my neighborhood. If I were at Lakecrest, my street would have been plowed... Oh well... the driveasy is cleaned and the snow is beautiful. The dogs had a good time playing in it and I didnt hit the mailbox coming home this time. I havent tested the car out in the snow.. Im afraid I wont get it back up the driveway... but it is shoveled so it may just be a case of up the street. Im having yummy risotto tonite dor supper.. Yummmm

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Tired Camper

Look at my poor babies hands... can you tell which one is swollen?

Mike Torrez having a good time. Ken really bonded with him over the course of the week. Friends I believe forever.

Fox National News Crew Ill post when he is going to be on there so you can watch

Bob, Kens brother! They had such a great time together.

David Wells. He is a riot! he had us all in stitches from his stories of Tequila and hoping that Gil never won an Emmy


The end of the game. The Greats were in the pinstripes. really fun to watch how much Kenny and Bobby enjoyed doing this together!

I thought taking this in B/W would be all old timey looking.. hahahah

Great looking Family! Bob and his family. Katie, Rebecca, Bob, Andrea, and Cindy ( Andrew )

This of course was the best picture that I had taken. OF COURSE someone backed into it right before my little finger went down on the shutter button... Hello.. Get you hair colored and those Leopard prints off. Of course the next picture that I took was blurry as crap and I chucked it... So disappointing!

Ken won the Award for the Catfish Hunter. Very surprising. He is so cute!

The best looking group there!! Of course I had the shot already to take, and then they move the settings.. This is why I would rather take and just not be in or use a timer. It came out ok, I would have prefered there be no chairs in it. Why do people insist on moving the camera around when I hand it to them?

USAir. Well it was better then Delta. BUT I was delayed 2 hrs Friday night. I didnt get to Tampa til 11:53. Plus they LIED to me and told me that it was a jet we had going back from Charlotte to Greensboro, and it wasnt It was a PROP plane. Not a fan of thingys that spin as engines.

Im so glad that I went down to Tampa. I had a great time. The Greats ranged from David Wells, Bucky Dent, Mike Torrez, Micky Rivers, Oscar Gamble, Chris Chambliss, Homer Bush, Gil Patterson, Louie Tiant, Ron Bloomberg, Bobby Meacham, Lee Mizzilli,
Jesse Barfeild. Anyone else I forgot Im sorry. It was really cool. I got to see and hold Louie Tiant's RedSox World Series ring. Also I got to do it with Mikes too. Very Cool! Korey you would love it.. You need to save 15.00 a day and then you can go.. Dont let your evil wicked wife keep you from this great experience. You will have a ball with the Red Sox. Totally AWESOME. Just talk to Ken...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carly Pics

I took some pictures for you this morning Pam before I took Carly back. Enjoy ...

Casey loved her some Carly... I think she is sad tonite being away from her new friend. Holly on the other hand I dont think cared one way or the other..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Well I have had a busy couple of days. Nikki had her babe this morning. 7 lbs and 4oz 18 in long. Everyone is well. Carly misses her mommie and daddy. She cried for the first time this whole entire trip tonite. Poor puddin thang... She is now fast asleep next to me. I think she was partly worn the heck out. I ran her all over town today doing errands.

Alright.. Im thinking of going down to Tampa for the weekend to meet up with Ken.. What do you think.. What is too much to pay for a ticket.. Gso to Tpa?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bye Ken


Ken is Yankee Fantasy Camp bound in Tampa Fla. He is going to have a ball I just know it! I am on the other hand having some fun on my own. Nikki is going to have her babe tomorrow morning by C- section. Natalie should show us her little face bright and early which Im sure I will be asleep when she does. Pictures will follow when I get them. Natalie Raven will be her name.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

We have alot of events happening in 2010!

We have Nightmare on Elm Street coming out in April ( 30th )...

Iron Man in May
(7th )

Times at the Beach

Im also going to start to clean up my language. For one Im going to take baby steps and stop using the F word so much. I love that word. It explains everything from.. oh no ... to sex... awesome word.
(As a result, "profane" and "profanity" has therefore come to describe a word, expression, gesture, or other social behavior which is socially constructed or interpreted as insulting, rudeness, vulgarism, desecrating, or showing disrespect.) So Ill be good and not say those terrible words. Im off today to get a thesaurus so that I can come up with other describing words instead of using profanity.

Im going to go to the vet and get my Shit-Poo dog and name him Dookie!

Ill still be doing what I do and loving it too!