Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Food Network Cooks.

Ok I like watching Giada, but I have a slight problem.... I WANT TO SEE COOKING not her boobs! I have a nice pair already Giada I dont really need to look at yours while you are scooping Mascarpone Cheese. Have you ever noticed that? When they show a close up of her cooking or adding something they always get a shot of her tits in there. UGH.. I do have to say She is one of the reasons Ken watches food network with me!

Now Barefoot Contessa.. I always wonder what she is going to make for Jeffery.She never shows her boobs!

Poor Sandra Lee. I think she stays drunk all the time making one of her very own COCKTAILS!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Bridge on the River Kwai
The Longest Day
A Bridge Too Far
Black Hawk Down
Battle of the Bulge
Sands of Iwo Jima

Those are just a few that I gave my father a hard time watching. He would sit in front of the TV all dang day watching these silly war movies. Well dad.. dont worry KEN IS NOW WATCING THEM ALL. KEN he talks back to them like he (dad) used to do. He is literally talking back to the TV right now watching the Battle of the Bulge. Which I thought was a weightloss movie. Oh well... Next is the Longest Day.

Thank you !

Its a simple phrase. Thank you. Put everything aside for one moment and just say Thank you.

Now for a little laugh!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Firefly Lane

Has anyone else read this book? I thought it sucked major A**. You know if you want to read it by all means have at it. Word to the wise.. dont waste your day and a 1/2 reading it. You can get it over with by watching the movie Beaches and get all the misery over with in 2 hrs. Geeezusssssss. Anyhoo... Nothing much has happened here since I have been back from the North. Come on CAROLINA!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pictures from NH

What a short trip.. Next time will be longer my little buddies....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

And Im off.....

Where do you ask? Im off I tell yah to New Hampshire! See you when I get home!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Police Memorial

Look its our name!!!!! Just some shots that I took today at the Police Memorial in High Point.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OMG I just grabbed this can from the pantry and started to make my tuna fish. WELL I got this can it was HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER EvEr get this. I ate it so that I could save face with ken but it was terrible. Thank goodness Im going up for my New England trip this weekend and I will get some more!

Holly... AKA Trouble strikes again

I swear this dog..... bless its heart... ok now... We have gone back to the original name of Holly. Holly is no longer Trouble. Hopefully she will no longer give us trouble.

So here it is Monday night at 10:45pm and off Ken and I go back to the animal hospital because we notice that there is some blood spurting from her stomach where she has the incision. We get there, sit in the waiting room AGAIN, go to the exam room AGAIN, then the doctor comes in and tells us that it is fluid that has built up and it is normal for it to seep out. Great do you think someone could have told us about a fluid that is red seeping out of her incision, that would have been helpful huh? UGH geez la weeze........ So now she has the cone on 100% of the time, she cant get out of the doggie door and now we have to put hot compresses on her belly because she is leaking this FLUID.

On another note..... maybe Im the only one but, do you wish that there was a dance place that you could go to, to dance. you know like the one once Saturday Night Fever? A nice bar that you can get dressed up to go to and just dance. Ken asked me last night we were talking about a friend of ours and I had made the comment of " she has just let herself go". He said why? I said well think about it.. you date, you go out and the girl feels like she needs some new clothes for the date. Then you go on trips and the girl thinks that she needs some new shoes for the trip, Then you get married and suddenly the man quits taking her out. Then she is like whats the point in buying new clothes or new shoes if you never go anywhere except Target? Am I wrong?????

So what we need to do ladies is continue to date after we are married? Is it possible?
I feel like that is a sex and the city question.. yes my name is LeeAnn, not Carrie! Although I like Charlotte the best!Miranda not so much, and well I sorta kinda find Samantha fascinating

Monday, May 11, 2009

This is the start of Police Memorial week 2009

Hug an officer this week and tell him Thank you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just some pictures

These are just some pictures that I took today. Happy Mothers Day to all the hot mamas out there! Trouble had a good day today. She is just very sore and tired. Poor thing! In there somewhere is one of the bags that I guess passed through her system. It looks all in tact. Look closley and you can see the littel balls of tin foil. Like I said earlier, it wasnt the chocolate they were worried about it was the bags.

Trouble is now home........

Trouble is home and is doing well. As you can hear from the video she is whining alot. She seems to be very humble if dogs can be humble. Pobre bebé! Ella es tan lamentable. Bendice a su pequeña cabeza puntiaguda! Im practicing my Spanish for when Carlos from Il Divo comes over to massage my feet and sing to me for my Bachelorette party. And by the way girls that will be a private party for me only thank you! Thank you so much for that gift!! I will cherish it with everything that I hold dear to my heart!! Just so you know which one Im tlaking about here is a picture:

But Anyhoo, Trouble is fine.. she is asleep in her crate and she is not Moaning anymore... Pobre bebé.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Trouble Update

We just called the doggie hospital to check on her, and they have her sedated and she is resting nicely. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Im really torn up. I know I give her a hard time but she has seriously sorta grown on me a tad. just a tad. She was pitiful this afternoon when we left. poor tang!!!!

Bye Bye Facebook.....

I turned the facebook part of my life off. ugh... Thank goodness.. no more emails to tell me so and so commented on such and such's picture! You all can find me right here.. Although I dont think anyone really looks at this anyway.. Alrightyhoo... Im going to go to bed...poor Trouble.....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Serves you RIGHT!

TROUBLE UPDATE******* I took her in this morning to have an Xray. It showed that her tummy tum was full of something. They did an endoscopic scope, pulled 2 of the bags out of her esophugus and called me and told me there was too many they had to do abdominal surgery. SO they did and she is now recovering in the doggie hospital for the next 2 nights.Ya'll she is so pitiful. I have found a new outlet in my heart for Trouble.
Up date on Trouble: This is literally what she looks like at this moment when I am typing this to you.

THis is why she looks like this. Tuesday when she did her normal tearing up of the house she had knocked down the gate we had blocking her from going upstairs. That is where she got a hold of my shoes. Well I had put together these little treat bags full of 3 chocolate kisses in a cute little mesh bag. I HAD 83 bags fll of chocolate. I HAVE 50 bags today. THAT SHITBAG ATE 33 MUTHER F*C*K*ING treat bags... That little shit. So $339 later at the EMERGENCY VET, she is laying in the chair with her neck all puffed up from the fluid they gave her because she was so dehydrated. TROUBLE... we named her well didnt we.... WAS IT WORTH IT SHITBAG.... ? Seriously she is pittiful. poor thing. I know I dont like her sometimes, but I dont want her in pain. Poor babe. The vet said that she was fine. I dont think they know she ate 33 bags. They did blood work and then they gave us something for the nausea and sent her home. Im sure tomorrow will be a different story! Tune in Ill give updates on Trouble!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Say Good Bye to Shitbag!!!!

TOday was the last day that she will ever tear up another pair of shoes. She is either going to die from transmission fluid or she is going to go back to the pound. OR she can live a life here at the Leonard household locked up in her crate 24/7. Save me all the bullshit about animal cruelty I dont want to hear it.. It was not your $85 Ariats, or the $45 Ranibow flip flops. Save me the oh you should give her a bone routine... It was not your shoes, or your phone, or your remote control, or your wallet, or your couch, or your chari, or your house for that matter that got ransacked. Put your things up you say.. well THEY WERE UP! She knocked down the GOD DARNED gate and went upstairs to get MY SHOES! Piece of shit animal... I have to leave this house so that I dont kill her.... Ill be calmed down after while...

These are pictures of the shoes that she has ruined so far.

**Blogger disclaimer:
No one, and no dog was harmed in the writing, since the writing, and for the writing of this blog.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ham and Rice Balls.

THESE were so tasty.. if you want the recep let me know.. Im not going to type it out for nothing! very very easy and delicious!!!!

Nikkis visit!!!!!! Sunday.

We had a fun filled day.. We went to Cracker Barrel and saw family. then we went to moms and then I came home. Nikki and Carly went to her moms. Im beat. Enjoy the pictures!!!!!!!More Im sure to come tomorrow!