Thursday, May 7, 2009

Serves you RIGHT!

TROUBLE UPDATE******* I took her in this morning to have an Xray. It showed that her tummy tum was full of something. They did an endoscopic scope, pulled 2 of the bags out of her esophugus and called me and told me there was too many they had to do abdominal surgery. SO they did and she is now recovering in the doggie hospital for the next 2 nights.Ya'll she is so pitiful. I have found a new outlet in my heart for Trouble.
Up date on Trouble: This is literally what she looks like at this moment when I am typing this to you.

THis is why she looks like this. Tuesday when she did her normal tearing up of the house she had knocked down the gate we had blocking her from going upstairs. That is where she got a hold of my shoes. Well I had put together these little treat bags full of 3 chocolate kisses in a cute little mesh bag. I HAD 83 bags fll of chocolate. I HAVE 50 bags today. THAT SHITBAG ATE 33 MUTHER F*C*K*ING treat bags... That little shit. So $339 later at the EMERGENCY VET, she is laying in the chair with her neck all puffed up from the fluid they gave her because she was so dehydrated. TROUBLE... we named her well didnt we.... WAS IT WORTH IT SHITBAG.... ? Seriously she is pittiful. poor thing. I know I dont like her sometimes, but I dont want her in pain. Poor babe. The vet said that she was fine. I dont think they know she ate 33 bags. They did blood work and then they gave us something for the nausea and sent her home. Im sure tomorrow will be a different story! Tune in Ill give updates on Trouble!


Katie said...

how's it going?????? seriously, i am trying not to laugh but...

Lorraine said...

i hope she didnt eat MY treat bag for the wedding
well wait, i wasnt invited right.
i already bought my plane tix