Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Look at Mamas new Beach house. Im so excited. It is a 2br,2ba, 1 "study", 1216sq beach house!! Since we cant have more then 2 brs on the lot we had to get a 2br 1 "study" which is a br without a closet. SOOOOO that means.... From Easter to Thanksgiving, Ill be going down 220 to 74 to 130 and BOOM a left at the Walgreens and Ill be at the summer home! Poor Kenny.... Hunny dont worry... Ill be home on Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Friday nights! See it wont be that bad....

I only got this one picture. I wasnt feeling it when I was shooting so this is what you get! Im sure that there will be plenty MORE!!!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just a couple of BooBees for you....

Yanks won last night.. Whooooohoooo ... buwahhhhh

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Went to a Haunted house last night...

Look I hugged a clown. It was the most horrible thing ever!! I couldnt look at him! I will tell you after I got home I had something to eat and went straight to bed.. I dreamed all night... I heard bumps that I have never heard before and the dogs I have, come to find out sleep through anything! Enjoy the pics. The guy that we are all standing with is Leatherface for the Chainsaw Masacre III. Love meeting the super scary stars!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy 70th Birthday Dutch!

This is the Leonard Family. Happy Birthday!

We went to Flemmings tonite! Very Delicious!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh Noooooo, Did I do that? your tyres all flat and juuuuunk.....

This is a much better commercial then the money with eyes on it, and the annoying lady behind the counter. I like this one much betteR!


I did it I did it!! This time I used wax paper to cook them in.. and I pulled it off and let them cool out on the cooling rack. THEN I cut them out of the pan instead of inside the pan... they came out perfect.. I also followed the recp for cake like brownies instead of fudge like.
I am so proud of me!! Now if I can learn to flip pancakes!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back up to Mabry Mill

Since she was under the weather last week I took her this week. Next weekend we are off to Holden... I am so excited.. Im going to get some BEACH PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama's hay bales

A Pumpkin Patch on our way up the mountain...SQUIRREL SPUR Rd.

Going up to Chateau Morisette.

It was too sunny today.... Bad Picture day!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just some Wedding pics that I took tonite.

It was so much fun. I have come to the realization that I like to take pictures of things/people that dont move. I had very low light to work with tonite so I had the setting for my shutter very low. I thought they did alright. I had to use a flash for some of the dancefloor pics.. I hope they look alright... would you like these if I took them for you?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rainy day Monday

I went to Mabry Mill today. They have BUCKWHEAT pancakes!! YUMMMMY! Im going to drag Ken up there soon, It closes in November for the season. Nice drve.. But it started to rain and then blah.. I got some nice shots though...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This is so funny...

Ken came to bed last night and well to his surprise the dogs were already there. I think this is hilarious. The pound dog has come quite a long way dont you think?

We had to work at Chilli's for Tip a Cop night. It is to raise money for the Special Olympics. We refilled drinks, made sure that they had napkins, straws etc.
So my manager told me before I left work that I get more flies with honey instead of vinegar so blh blh, Im a much nicer person outside of work. SO I was busy over in my section and anyone who knows me, KNOWS I have NEVER worked at a restaraunt. I was retail in my highschool days then behind the chair for 15 yrs. SO I was very nice I went up to the tables and introduced myself as LeeAnn and that I was here working to raise money for Special Olympics, and that I can go ahead and take your drink order.I went got the drinks and BAM it was done...
So this one table comes in and it happen to be 3 college girls, and they were all cute and whatever, they had wanted to sit in the bar. Well there were no tables and my section was right next to the bar and the oh , the hunky bartender. Who BTW refilled my strawberry lemonade, twice. With a wink. Calling me Sweetie. I was like sorry hunky, blad, built, pretty eyes, nice teeth, bartender, but Im married. Anyhoo... SO these 3 girls sit down and I go over.. " Hi, Im LeeAnn and Im here to take your drink order. Im working to raise money for Special Olympics what can I get you ladies to drink tonight... One little heffer said in her college, my parents pay for everything, voice "Um Ill have a diet Pepsi, she will have a Diet Pepsi, and she will have a Dr Pepper. AND WHILE you are back there why dont you go ahead and get us some chips and Salsa. Thanks" So I wanted to say "what in the hell, Im here to get your drink order do you not understand?" SO I said... Oh nonononono. Im not your waitress. Im here to get your drink order but when I see your waitress on the way back to fill your drinks I will let her know that you want Chips and Salsa.
I have a new respect for the waitstaff. I know now why they spit in our food. We the public are so rude!!! It was just the way she said it that tipped me off.. Im sure if she had said it in a different way and didnt have all that makeup and perfume on it would have been different. UGH...

I cant do it.. Thank goodness Im a hairdresser.

Casey on her Dog bed.

Holly on hers.

Hmmmmm I see something wrong here. Shit dog. hahahahahahaahahhah Holly is Kens Baby!! Holly is my friend.

That is a step. Baby steps here...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Photo Update!

I entered some photos in the Dixie Classic this year and LOOK... Im am very happy. I did alot better then I thought that I would do! Very Exciting. !!!

This was the Flower category. Honorable Mention.

Black and White Landscape. Third Place.

Of course we had some food. David went with us this afternoon.

This is the Fried Butter. David was the only brave one. He said it was good, but not worth it.

This was AWESOME! We WILl be getting some more fried cheese when we go to the State Fair on the 18th. This place has the best fried cheddar bites.

We played some games...

Horse Video!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Horse back ride

We had so much fun! It was hilarious when the hosre started to trot.. heard Ken say "whoa horsey whoa"!! hahahaha It was hialrious! SO much fun! Great ride last night and the Cowboy dinner.. as you can see It was a true cowboy dinner. He was putting the "slop" my plate and I completely freaked out inside of course, when he put all my food touching. AHHHHHH I really would like to go back and do it again. Although this time I will ask for a cushion saddle! Oweeeeeeee the hot tub was nice last night, but, my butt is SORE this morning... and to think I thought cowboys walked that way because they had big ole "boots" nope.. it is because of the most uncomfortable saddle in the world. I cant wait to go back! with a PILLOW!
Too bad the camera lens had dust on it..

I swear this is a human eating hog!