Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Horse back ride

We had so much fun! It was hilarious when the hosre started to trot.. heard Ken say "whoa horsey whoa"!! hahahaha It was hialrious! SO much fun! Great ride last night and the Cowboy dinner.. as you can see It was a true cowboy dinner. He was putting the "slop" my plate and I completely freaked out inside of course, when he put all my food touching. AHHHHHH I really would like to go back and do it again. Although this time I will ask for a cushion saddle! Oweeeeeeee the hot tub was nice last night, but, my butt is SORE this morning... and to think I thought cowboys walked that way because they had big ole "boots" nope.. it is because of the most uncomfortable saddle in the world. I cant wait to go back! with a PILLOW!
Too bad the camera lens had dust on it..

I swear this is a human eating hog!