Sunday, September 30, 2007

ahh Reality shows..

well I just got finished watching VH1 Rock of Love with Brett Michaels. Yes I know what you all are saying, I cant belive I watched that show either but I did! I was I have to say pleased with the outcome. Brett picked Jess. She was the cuter of the 2. Now ya'll know next week they gonna have a reunion show. I am sure I will be talking after that one seeing all the cat claws come out on that one. Reerrarrrrrr..
This week has been very busy, after I got back I have been working nonstop. Ken and I stayed at home all day I didnt answer the phone or anything all day! It was actually nice . Have ya'll ever had one of those non social days?
While I was in Vegas, Ken picked Blake up from school and took him to the Police department where he got sworn in. He is now an "official" HighPoint Police Occifer.
I have posted some pics below so that you can see them. He is such a cutie patootie.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vegas the town of little sleep and alot of ALCOHOL

I had a great time in Vegas I will say this, Im on the wagon till further notice. I got there and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. Well I didnt. you dont sleep in Vegas. I walked down the strip and I had a beer and took it outside with me. I felt like I was breaking the law. Sunday night I took Mom and Diane to go see LOVE. It is a beetles tribute it is an almost telling a story of their songs. Im not that big of a beetle fan but I thought it was awesome. I truly wish my mom had put me in dance lessons because after seeing that show I so wanted to be up there in the Cirque. The wedding as Monday and well they are married. Long story short, we all got trashed,security came,lost money at the machines and I forgot what room number we were in . Lost my phone and thank goodness my mother found it later that day and is bringing it home to me on Thursday. ok so I flew home with a slight hangover and dears, a 6 hr flight across America is nowhere to be when you have a hangover. Im at home now and all is safe. I loved bringing my bags on board because as you all know I will NEVER check bags on an airline if I can help it ever again!

This is LA by the way signing out

Friday, September 21, 2007


Well Folks today I am getting redy to go to Vegas for the first time ever. I have bought a new suit case just for the trip. For everyone reading who doesnt know why I bought a new suit case please read my Blog: Delta the Airline of Idiots. I have bought this to take everything with me on the plane. This should be fun seeing as I have been known to have to take a couple of pairs of shoes and a hairdryer out of my suit case and put it into Kens because it was so heavy.. But this time it a different time. Im taking just exactly what I need If I need anything else out there Ill just buy it there. Tonite Im going to pac and get the iPod corretly working and then Ill be set. Now here is the fun part, My trip starts tomorrow afternoon at 6 when I take or supposedly takes off for Charlotte. ON A PUDDLE HOPPER!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh Im terrified. I dont want to go on a turboprop plane. but I wasnt going to take Delta they can kiss my ass. So here I am taking a turboprop. then I get to Charlotte and jump on a plane going to Vegas at 8. Ill be in Vegas at 9:50 Vegas time. Yippie!!!!!! ok WEll more on the Trip when I get home. Talk to everyone soon!! Tootles!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

YMCA flag football

THis is my little man playing his first flag football game. THey all looked so cute out there. Blake got 5 flags from the other team and he was quarterback. They scored a touchdown when he handed the ball off to one of the other little guys. He looked so cute out there moving his little feet back and forth and saying "hut hut" hahahahahhahaha!!!
The Steelers scored 4 td's and the Ravens scored 2.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Footyball is fianlly here~!!!

I love me some FOOTYBALL!!!! You know lying on the couch all day on Sunday, watching the boob tube in the most comfortable clothes that I wouldnt be caught dead in outside of my home, is WONDERFUL! Now I cant wait for it to cool off and get cold. Just picture this: A cold rainy Sunday, with the smell of chilli cooking all day on the stove, you are on the couch with the heat turned off and the air not coming on. You lie there and start watching footyball highlights. You doze off just for a moment and are awakened by the sound of TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE it! The best thing is, is that Footyball comes on allllll day long and the next day as well!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Well I bid on this duvet cover and shams that match and I had to work on Saturday so I thought everything would have been fine. Well some meany head came at the last minute and bid 118.17. I lost it. I lost the brandnew ( so it said ) comforter,the 2 standard shams, and my pride. That really bites the Big Lebowski you know. Well so now as I sit here debating on buying the one comforter for 99 bucks and going to the store to get the shams I sit here and say sure as I do something else will come along. So Im going to wait. Wait. Wait. ok tootles everyone..

Friday, September 7, 2007

My Friday Night

Well tonite I sit here at the house on a Friday Night with NOT A THANG to do... I have to say I miss it. Im watching my cartoons and Im getting prepared for Saturday at the salon starting at 7:30 in the am. I just made a bid on a duvet cover and shams that match from Pottery Barn on Ebay. I have to say I love me some Ebay. I get too finger happy in there sometimes. My finger just starts clicking the buttons and before you know it I have like 5 items Im bidding on. AHHHH madness.. I had been wanting this piticular one from PB so I was very happy to find it at a price I would pay. Yall know as germaphobic, ( did I spell that right? ) that I will be washing that crap at the dry cleaners before I put it on my precious bed. Alright well Im off to play my game Roller Coaster Tycoon that Im TOTALLY hooked on. see yah

LA by the way signing out.. For Now