Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vegas the town of little sleep and alot of ALCOHOL

I had a great time in Vegas I will say this, Im on the wagon till further notice. I got there and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. Well I didnt. you dont sleep in Vegas. I walked down the strip and I had a beer and took it outside with me. I felt like I was breaking the law. Sunday night I took Mom and Diane to go see LOVE. It is a beetles tribute it is an almost telling a story of their songs. Im not that big of a beetle fan but I thought it was awesome. I truly wish my mom had put me in dance lessons because after seeing that show I so wanted to be up there in the Cirque. The wedding as Monday and well they are married. Long story short, we all got trashed,security came,lost money at the machines and I forgot what room number we were in . Lost my phone and thank goodness my mother found it later that day and is bringing it home to me on Thursday. ok so I flew home with a slight hangover and dears, a 6 hr flight across America is nowhere to be when you have a hangover. Im at home now and all is safe. I loved bringing my bags on board because as you all know I will NEVER check bags on an airline if I can help it ever again!

This is LA by the way signing out