Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble


Had a lovely day! Here are some pictures from earlier today..

Does anyone remember these toys? I had them when I was little and our poor son will have them too. He is going to be like geez mom and dad everyone else has electronic toys!! hahahahaha

Henry had too much turkey!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hank is Thankful for the YaNkEeS

Thank you J.M.

This is from one of my clients. He is a Red Sox fan. He bought this online for Henry, and I thought that was extremely nice!! Very Brave John, Very BRAVE!! Thank you!! I think he looks cute!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alright.. I switched up the blog a bit..

Alright... so I made this blog appear before the other one so I hope that you read this one.. If not Ill put some pictures in so I know that you will..Take a peek at this.. Something I will NEVER do.. I'm eating crow on that one.. I have too much stuff to do so I did this.. He didn't choke he was fine. I just thought this was amusing because I said I would NEVER do that!

I got the Bjorn up and working. I wear it around the house so that I can do something other then sit there all day on the couch...This is a much better alternative to sitting on the couch. He wants to be held, I have things to do, I get the Bjorn...

Lets see.... I wanted to upload a video but it is not letting me.. Ill keep trying. Talk later.. Have fun Christmas shopping.. I am going to go this week and get it knocked out.

Day 28, 29 and 30

Day 30 A picture

Day 29 3 Wishes

Lets see if I can pick my librainey to see what I would really want if I had 3 wishes..
Well Last year New Years Eve, I wished that I was pregnant because I wanted a baby.. I got one. I wished for a man with no feet, I got one. SO, I think Im pretty good on my wishes. Im afraid to take another chance and wish again but ok here goes....

1. I wish...
2. I wish...
3. I wish....

Ok there they are.. I just wish to wish!

Day 28 Something that stresses me out...
I cannot stand this! NOW to my defense I dont have the cabinet space or the closet to have organization.. but if I did I would have everything in its place. I also get stressed over the little things. Ken tells me to loosen up all the time. I am not stressed over major things...

There you have it... My 30+ day Challenge. It has been fun...

Now back to blogging!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Days 22,23,24,25,26,and 27

Day 27 Pets

We have 2 dogs! Holly the pound dog and Casey

Day 26 Picture of my family

Day 25 Put my iPod on shuffle... the 1st 10 songs... its in the other room.. hold on Ill go and get it! Got it. the 1st 10 songs are:

1. Tight Fittin Jeans Conway
2. If I knew Then Lady A
3. Little Miss Sugarland
4. Hello World WHICH IM TIRED OF HEARING... ugh pass that one! Lady A It was so much nicer when no one liked country... they would never overplay the songs.. now I hear them all over!
5. Hold on Loosely .38 special
6. Galway Girl Steve Earle
7. Moving in Stereo The Cars
8. If I ever Leave this World Alive Flogging Molly
9. The Outdoor Type Lemonheads
10. Upside Down Jack Johnson

Day 24 Something that I have Learned

I have learned alot. But the one thing that I have learned in the last few months is that you NEVER change a diaper on a boy without having another one right there or you will get HOSED!

Day 23 Favorite Vacation

I went to a Chinese restaurant years ago. I eat some yummy food, talk with friends, then the time comes for the fortune cookies!!! Its my favorite part because it is like a little bit of a surprise inside that cookie! Well I picked mine and then opened them with friends It said :

"From the floors of the ocean, And the winds of the tide, A vacation awaits you far and wide"

I just love that saying!! It is on my fridge to this day. I have had it for many many years!! All vacations are my favorite!! You know I especially love the Beach!

Day 22 Favorite City

My favorite city would have to be New York of course!! I love it there! The crowded streets, the smell of the cars hustling and bustling, hot dogs cooking on the side of the street. People rushing past you because they are late for the train.. Grand Central. the Bakeries... oh I could go on and on... I also love Washington DC.

Tune in later to find out what stresses me out!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 18,19,20,21 30 day challenge

Okay I have the time while little man is taking a nap... So I got days 18 through 21 done! Wallah!

Day 21 is a picture of me...

Day 20
Nicknames day:
Lizbeth- my mom calls me this
Bitch- Nikki calls me this
Lizzy- my mom calls me this
Okay that sums up Nicknames!

Day 19
Something I miss.... hmmm I miss my black rainbow flip flops that Holly the pound dog ate.

Day 18:
What I regret day.. I regret alot of things. But without the regret I would not be the people I am today. It is not worth bringing up my regrets.. Id think about it all day and then Id get pissed off about them and well now there is nothing in the world I can do about them so they will stay buried in my Librainy for now!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 17 30 day cahllenge

Day 17 something I am looking forward too...

I can honestly say that I have been so excited for a vacation that I look forward to it. it comes and then boom it is over. So I choose to look foward to things that I am going to do the day of. Yes I am excited about Christmas coming. I am excited about eating a big ole turkey on Thanksgiving with all my favorite fixins. I am excited about the baby baptism on the 5th. I get to see family that live out of state.

I dont want to look forward to much because we never know what can happen in an instant. Someone could not get great news about their health. A paycheck that you look forward to may not show up. I refuse to look forward to anything that is more then 48 hrs. I may be excited about it but I wont look forward to it for fear it would/could/may or may not happen.

All I can say is that I hope that you are excited about day 18 post.

Day 16. 30 Day Challenge

Today is Dream House day!!! day 16.

WELL to start out saying that we all will have dreams! I dream of alot of things. Are they just dreams or are they wants? Our wants sometimes turn into needs. Well, after looking for my dream house I found a WHOLE lotta things I want. Nothing that I need! Alright let me paint a picture for you if you are interested if you aren't, Lorraine, please skip to the pictures.

The picture in my head is this:

It would look something similar to this. This is a Craftsman style home. I love it! I think it screams Old Fashioned and well that I am!! I am an old soul as some would say.
The house would have large sitting areas, large spread out bedrooms, a staircase that goes up and then turns to the left then straightens back up. That is where the kiddies will be. The master bedroom will be on the main floor away from the house activities!

This here is 1 of hundreds of kitchens that I like. Of course if it were really mine I would NEED to have it customized just for moi!

Here is a view from my kitchen:

This is a side view:

Remember I would have it handicapped accessible for the hubby and big enough we would all have room and small enough we would be close! It would be just right!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 15 30 day challenge

Day 15. Its a bible verse.

Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it."
Ezra 10:4

I like this quote because it to me is saying Cowboy up, what you do will dictate your outcome. It is up to you and no one else what happens. BUT that God is there to support you and your decision. I like it.

Tomorrow is DREAM HOUSE DAY!!!! I may do it today if I have time because Im so excited!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 14

OH MY GOSH 30 days have never been so long...
Ok today is Day 14. Not consecutively but, for blog purposes it is day 14, A picture that I love!

I love all my pictures! I love the ones that got me an Honorable Mention, the one that won Third place. I love the one of our child as the doctor held him up in all his nastiness as he came out of my body, the pictures of the dogs, my parents, Blake, Ken and I on our first trip together. Pictures are a way to preserve the memory to keep it going. you may not remember something until you see a picture, or smell a familiar smell etc... It was hard to pick out 1 favorite picture, so I picked out many!

This is my most favorite picture. The one with the heartbeat is my second favorite. This is the very first picture of our little guy.

Our first picture together. I wanted one but I didnt want to take it for fear he would think it was stupid. SO I had a friend do it and I was like noooo you dont have to take a picture, and KEN said yeah take it I want one!! AWWWWWWWW

I loved my bunny cake! I think in all my 25 yrs of having Birthdays this cake is my favorite! You did a good job MOM!

I had to put this in because I would NEVER feed Hank in his bouncy... what if he choked?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 13 30 Day Challenge

Today is Goal Day.....

Well I have had alot of goals in my life. I had a goal to get married. I did it twice.
I had a goal to have a baby. I wanted a Christmas card with my family on it. Every year I would always get these cards with other peoples family and I wanted one of my own. Ill finally get to have a picture Christmas card!! Yea for me!

Day 14 is a picture that I love. stay tuned!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 12 30 Day Challenge

Day 12 is what I belive in. Who says it best is none other then Don Williams.

"I don't believe in superstars,
Organic food and foreign cars."( although I do like organic foods. and without superstars we would have nothing to talk about! I drive a Nissan )

I don't believe the price of gold;
The certainty of growing old.
That right is right and left is wrong,
That north and south can't get along.
That east is east and west is west.
And being first is always best.

But I believe in love.
I believe in babies.
I believe in Mom and Dad.

Well, I don't believe that heaven waits,
For only those who congregate.
I like to think of God as love:
He's down below, He's up above.
He's watching people everywhere.
He knows who does and doesn't care.

But I believe in love.
I believe in music.
I believe in magic.

But I believe in love.
I believe in old folks.
I believe in children.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my Goals...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 11 30 Day Challenge

Day 11 is about my favorite TV shows..

I dont have any. I watch Food Network. I watch GMC. I watch CMT when they play music. And I listen to The HighWay on XM. I like to watch football. When my TV is on it is on a music channel mostly. Ever since they took my Men in Trees off the air I dont give a rats tail about getting hooked on a show, just so the network can take it off. NO way .... Men in Trees... That one was a good one!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 10 of 30 Day Challenge...

Today is Day 10. Something that I am afraid of.

I'm afraid of several things... First and foremost I am afraid of CLOWNS! They are EVIL! I will not take little man to a circus. I will not expose him to the evilness of a clown. They do not make me happy. smile. laugh. they are stupid to me!

OK now on a serious note I'm afraid of other things too... Like movies that are real life scary. Not like Friday the 13th. Halloween Michael Myers. Nightmare on Elm St. Yes those were frightening movies... not so much that made me afraid. Movies like When a Stranger Calls. That movie to this day I have not seen the end too. You all know the movie.. It is set in the 70's. It has Carol Kane in it, and she is babysitting for this family for the first time. This is before caller ID, cell phones, and when babysitting actually meant that you could talk on the phone all night long. I did it. I ordered pizza and crank called people because well I could. I can only tell you what happens up until the part where she goes into the kitchen, because she hears a noise. TO THIS DAY I have not seen past it. I cant... JUST GO CHECK ON THE DAMN CHILDREN GIRL! ohhhh I cant watch it!! The anxiety I had when I looked it up on YouTube just now, my heart started pounding and I now know it was a mistake for me to try to watch it at 9:07 at night. Ill be up all night because I will FREAK myself out over it. Ill think to myself what was that noise.. I need to go check on my child... that is literally what I'm afraid of! I have learned to deal with the clown thing but I canNOT deal with when a stranger calls!

I cant even think right now what other things I'm afraid of because of that STUPID Movie right now... Geez I should have left it buried deep in my Librainy. ( that is my Brain Library ) Ill explain my Librainy later. just remind me to tell you about it!

Favorite Tv Shows are tomorrows post?! TV whats that???