Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 10 of 30 Day Challenge...

Today is Day 10. Something that I am afraid of.

I'm afraid of several things... First and foremost I am afraid of CLOWNS! They are EVIL! I will not take little man to a circus. I will not expose him to the evilness of a clown. They do not make me happy. smile. laugh. they are stupid to me!

OK now on a serious note I'm afraid of other things too... Like movies that are real life scary. Not like Friday the 13th. Halloween Michael Myers. Nightmare on Elm St. Yes those were frightening movies... not so much that made me afraid. Movies like When a Stranger Calls. That movie to this day I have not seen the end too. You all know the movie.. It is set in the 70's. It has Carol Kane in it, and she is babysitting for this family for the first time. This is before caller ID, cell phones, and when babysitting actually meant that you could talk on the phone all night long. I did it. I ordered pizza and crank called people because well I could. I can only tell you what happens up until the part where she goes into the kitchen, because she hears a noise. TO THIS DAY I have not seen past it. I cant... JUST GO CHECK ON THE DAMN CHILDREN GIRL! ohhhh I cant watch it!! The anxiety I had when I looked it up on YouTube just now, my heart started pounding and I now know it was a mistake for me to try to watch it at 9:07 at night. Ill be up all night because I will FREAK myself out over it. Ill think to myself what was that noise.. I need to go check on my child... that is literally what I'm afraid of! I have learned to deal with the clown thing but I canNOT deal with when a stranger calls!

I cant even think right now what other things I'm afraid of because of that STUPID Movie right now... Geez I should have left it buried deep in my Librainy. ( that is my Brain Library ) Ill explain my Librainy later. just remind me to tell you about it!

Favorite Tv Shows are tomorrows post?! TV whats that???


mixed girl said...

I think a lot of people are afraid of clowns! Wish I would have known that...I would have dressed up as a clown and trick or treating to yalls house! LOL. Kidding ;)