Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 16. 30 Day Challenge

Today is Dream House day!!! day 16.

WELL to start out saying that we all will have dreams! I dream of alot of things. Are they just dreams or are they wants? Our wants sometimes turn into needs. Well, after looking for my dream house I found a WHOLE lotta things I want. Nothing that I need! Alright let me paint a picture for you if you are interested if you aren't, Lorraine, please skip to the pictures.

The picture in my head is this:

It would look something similar to this. This is a Craftsman style home. I love it! I think it screams Old Fashioned and well that I am!! I am an old soul as some would say.
The house would have large sitting areas, large spread out bedrooms, a staircase that goes up and then turns to the left then straightens back up. That is where the kiddies will be. The master bedroom will be on the main floor away from the house activities!

This here is 1 of hundreds of kitchens that I like. Of course if it were really mine I would NEED to have it customized just for moi!

Here is a view from my kitchen:

This is a side view:

Remember I would have it handicapped accessible for the hubby and big enough we would all have room and small enough we would be close! It would be just right!


Lorraine said...

i love the ocean view~!!!!

mixed girl said...

Holy cow! I LOVE that kitchen...and can soooo see you cooking up a storm in there! (I'll be there to eat whatever you cook of course) the two beautiful views!