Monday, March 31, 2008

We got Sammy from the vet today and they took a biopsy of her foot( really her ankle).
Poor baby. She is so very lethargic. I feel so bad for her, I want her to be well again. We will know something more when we get the thingamabob back from the vet.
I finally got my air card for the computer and I have to say it is awesome!! If you dont have one get one. Its the best. Im going to try to once again try to download my video on a different site. Stay tuned.... you never know........

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break...

Well This week is Spring Break for all the little kiddies and I have to say I remember when I was their age and for some reason I seem to remember being older. Or thinking I was anyway. So my spring break was spent with some of the coolest chicks on this earth. It was me, Khrys, Jaqueline, and Liz. we stayed at the Red Tree Inn at Myrtle beach the year was 1992. We each had a case of beer. Budweiser was my choice. After the first one went down the rest were great. That case lasted me the whole week. hahahahaha the songs the videos and the boys. Wow was all I can say. I remember we went to senior house one night for a party and we were walking on the street thinking we are all that and a bag of soy chips, and a cop car pulls up right in front of us and asks the guys in front of us what they were drinking.( apparently it is illegal to carry and unopened container of alcohol) We were like too bad and walked right past them.. Whoops.. they didnt catch us.
We listened to Sean Hayes ( thanks to the Internet) Mary Magdalene. I cant belive I found it. It is such a cool song. WE ate oodles o noodles all week long and we cooked for the boys in 307. Our room btw was 407.AHHHH the memories. Ill see if I can drum up some pics and have them scanned on here so that you can see my spring break days of 92'.....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Videos. Pictures and such...

Im trying to upload some videos for you and also some pics. I hope that you enjoy them as I have enjoyed taking them. Blake was with me the whole weekend and we did nothing but play. We went to Putt Putt and played video games and I have to say to be 7 yrs old again when we thought Putt Putt was really fun. What happened to it?It was trashy and run down, half the games were broken and the other half had lines to wait to play. Although I will say that we had a good time regardless.. Okay I nixed the videos. They were taking like 50 mins.. Sha I dont have that much time to waste on the puter. Enjoy the other pics...

Alright well I solved one problem. I had to order some keys. that was a nice 12 bucks. Now I have to work on the video....

Im so aggravated right now that I cant see straight, I have a safe and I put the mutha %$&#ing key somewhere. Ask me where Ill tell you where when I found out myself where I %&$#ing put it. I dont understand why in the world they make these things adult proof.. AHHHHHHHHHH And on top of that the video I want to share with yall well You cant see it. I think its too big. what does 85M mean...??? thats how big it is.. Is that really big?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

the past week in a minute..

Well lets see Monday as March 17th and went to a party. I made like a ton of jello shots and they were all gone. We had a good time. I was tired so we left at 11 or so.

Then I went to work this week only to find out that one of the girls that has worked there for a while was leaving us. She is going to a salon across town. Good for her. Good luck to her.

Got a call from Ken yesterday and he told me that he took Sammy to the vet. She was hobbling and the doctor said that it could be arthritis or cancer. He took some xrays and he will call him hopefully on Monday. Im very worried about her. She looks so pathetic. Poor baby. as a tribute Im going to post some pics of her doing some eggs last night. Casey is just crazy. She knows that Sammy is sick but hogs all the attention when she sees us petting Sammy.

This is Sammy ( with the gray face ) and Casey looking at us while we do eggs.

Its Easter today

Hoppy Easter every one. I hope that the Easter Bunny was good to all of you. I got lots of dark chocolate. YUMMMMMMMY!!!!! Her are some pictures of us and the dogs dyeing the eggs lat night before I turned them into deviled eggs.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh Happy Saturday.

Today is the beginning of my weekend. Man oh man I got this game and I have it all set up on the computer. Its called Roller coaster 3!!!!!!!! Its totally awesome. I can make rides then ride them Im such a dork I know. Ok Well I added a really cute pic that I found of Daddy and Blake at the beach. Mom and I went back down to the beach after lunch and we left Blake up there at the house with Dad. They were both in there watching Sponge Bob and fell asleep. hahahahahahha I thought that it was a cute pic. They both fell asleep with their glasses on.

Tornadic activity is all around us tonite. WOW!!!! We are going to have a busy night. They are saying wind speeds like 80 mph. Whhohooo you know how I love thunderstorms!!! Rules for a tornado, just in case ya'll need it:

1. Stay away from trailer parks.

2. Go to a bathroom and cover your hiney.

Happy St Patricks day. Im going to go and see about having a holiday in Ireland. Maybe one of those home swaps!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Singing Birthday Video... Read below first

The Singing Birthday

Well folks as you know yesterday was March 6th. It was my 33rd birthday. Everyone did a great job yesterday calling me and singing on the phone. Thank you for all of your cards and all of your phone calls. Now here is the kicker... following this entry you will see a series of pictures and one video.

This policeman came into my shop yesterday and asked me my name and if it was my birthday. I said yes and then I walked around the corner and saw Ken with the camera. OH MY GOD I thought it was a stripper coming to take his clothes off for me at work. I told him it was my birthday and then I told him that this is my place of work. He told me not to worry. He then sat me in the chair and sang to me, made me wear a silly hat and decorated me with string. It was a great idea and for about 15 minutes I sat there and had my own personal summer. I was so red from embarrassment and so hot from all the attention. ugh.. You all know I like giving the attention instead of receiving it. alright ya'll enjoy the pictures. Lorraine, Im sure that you are glad you waited for this on my blog. I told you its worth the wait. You would not have gotten the whole picture unless you see my face. hahahahahaha

Now bless his heart he had a nice voice. YOu can see in the top picture that he had a slight color problem with his hair. Wether or not it is a toupee or a bad at home color job Ill never know.He was wonderful and had a great attitude and he did make me laugh. When my video quits loading Ill put that on here too. Until then See yah!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Okay what erks me the mostest is when people drive and then they have a stop sign. They stop and SIT THERE!!!! OH GOD its a 4 way stop. What do I do? Oh no another car has pulled up oppisite me.. he has a stop sign too AHHHHHHHHH! People calm down. Im going to list the rules for a 4 way stop right here so that you can read them and not have one of those panic attacks the next time you are at one. The rules are as follows:

1.Whichever vehicle stops first has priority.
2.If two vehicles stop at the same time, priority is given to the vehicle on the right.
3.If three vehicles stop at the same time, priority is given to the two vehicles going in opposite directions.
4.If four vehicles stop, drivers usually use gestures and other communication to establish right-of-way. In some areas, the custom is for the north-south or the more-trafficked road to have priority, although this is rare.

Now, if you are going left and you got to the sign first, but a second car got there oppisite you and going straight THEY have the right of way. Same applies making a right hand turn.

Okay its a pleasure driving with you and always like I say " You know it going to be a good day if you find a parking spot up front"!