Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh Happy Saturday.

Today is the beginning of my weekend. Man oh man I got this game and I have it all set up on the computer. Its called Roller coaster 3!!!!!!!! Its totally awesome. I can make rides then ride them Im such a dork I know. Ok Well I added a really cute pic that I found of Daddy and Blake at the beach. Mom and I went back down to the beach after lunch and we left Blake up there at the house with Dad. They were both in there watching Sponge Bob and fell asleep. hahahahahahha I thought that it was a cute pic. They both fell asleep with their glasses on.

Tornadic activity is all around us tonite. WOW!!!! We are going to have a busy night. They are saying wind speeds like 80 mph. Whhohooo you know how I love thunderstorms!!! Rules for a tornado, just in case ya'll need it:

1. Stay away from trailer parks.

2. Go to a bathroom and cover your hiney.

Happy St Patricks day. Im going to go and see about having a holiday in Ireland. Maybe one of those home swaps!!!!!