Friday, March 7, 2008

The Singing Birthday

Well folks as you know yesterday was March 6th. It was my 33rd birthday. Everyone did a great job yesterday calling me and singing on the phone. Thank you for all of your cards and all of your phone calls. Now here is the kicker... following this entry you will see a series of pictures and one video.

This policeman came into my shop yesterday and asked me my name and if it was my birthday. I said yes and then I walked around the corner and saw Ken with the camera. OH MY GOD I thought it was a stripper coming to take his clothes off for me at work. I told him it was my birthday and then I told him that this is my place of work. He told me not to worry. He then sat me in the chair and sang to me, made me wear a silly hat and decorated me with string. It was a great idea and for about 15 minutes I sat there and had my own personal summer. I was so red from embarrassment and so hot from all the attention. ugh.. You all know I like giving the attention instead of receiving it. alright ya'll enjoy the pictures. Lorraine, Im sure that you are glad you waited for this on my blog. I told you its worth the wait. You would not have gotten the whole picture unless you see my face. hahahahahaha

Now bless his heart he had a nice voice. YOu can see in the top picture that he had a slight color problem with his hair. Wether or not it is a toupee or a bad at home color job Ill never know.He was wonderful and had a great attitude and he did make me laugh. When my video quits loading Ill put that on here too. Until then See yah!


JJ said...

Happy (bleated) Birthday!!!

JJ said...

damnit--BELATED. I cant spell.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Where's the nakey pictures?

LOL! Happy Birthday ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay, that is my comment above ... Dianna, your long lost BFF.

So NOT Anonymous.

Take THAT, Blogger!