Sunday, March 23, 2008

the past week in a minute..

Well lets see Monday as March 17th and went to a party. I made like a ton of jello shots and they were all gone. We had a good time. I was tired so we left at 11 or so.

Then I went to work this week only to find out that one of the girls that has worked there for a while was leaving us. She is going to a salon across town. Good for her. Good luck to her.

Got a call from Ken yesterday and he told me that he took Sammy to the vet. She was hobbling and the doctor said that it could be arthritis or cancer. He took some xrays and he will call him hopefully on Monday. Im very worried about her. She looks so pathetic. Poor baby. as a tribute Im going to post some pics of her doing some eggs last night. Casey is just crazy. She knows that Sammy is sick but hogs all the attention when she sees us petting Sammy.

This is Sammy ( with the gray face ) and Casey looking at us while we do eggs.


Anonymous said...

where is the new video?
from: peachy keen, keepin' it green