Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

"The patriot's blood is the seed of Freedom's tree." ~Thomas Campbell

I went up to the Thomasville Parade today. I swear there must have been 10,000 people there. It was a great turnout and I actually for once was proud to live in Thomasville. It was such a great time. Everyone was so nice and the parade was the longest I think I have ever seen. Ken was escorting around Miss North Carolina today and Miss Thomasville. He was big stuff..

Also I got some great shotsof the other people there at today's parade

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Ken and I went over to a friends house last night for the UFC pay-per-view. I found out it was not a documentary on an Urban Functioning Community. It was not about the Uma Foundation of Clothes either. It was a bloody bout that lasted about 3 hrs. actually I think more. We left right before the big fight started. I was pooped. I heard Evans won. Anyhoo... UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting championship. It was ridiculous. These guys could beat the tar out of each other and they get paid big bucks.Although I would never be one to watch it alone, I did find it mildly entertaining. I enjoyed all the commentary that we mouthed in while they were fighting. Some of the fighting positions are quite funny. We had great company and hey, who can ask for more?? Id go see it again. These are some pictures of fights in the past. None that we saw last night. These are brutal.. beware

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ken and I went out to dinner last night. We went to Ruby Tuesday. It was a great meal. Ken had some chicken pasta dish while I had the southwestern eggrolls and a salad. It was quite tasty, but next time I will get just the salad bar seeing as I brought home most of my eggrolls.

We walk in, and find that there is a torn up tissue on the floor. Next to the torn up tissue we find what appears to be an orange balloon,all wadded up. NOPE! It was an orange CONDOM. OH MY GOD THAT WAS GROSS.

Now you know in our household there is no orange condom because well Im5 1/2 mths preggers.

Now, the question is where did she get it? We have no idea all I know is that there was a chewed up yucky condom on our living room floor that Casey found somewhere outside. ( My husband doesnt use orange condoms ) ( Atleast not that I know of )
It was nasty and gross. Ken wanted me to post this because of the Holly story. I was going to save that one for a face to face conversation but oh well here it is out in plain text.. Dont forget to read more about Holly below.. Whew 2 posts in 30 minutes wow....

Pound Dog struck AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I went to work today. It was nice an busy. Plus we got off at 2 instead of 4. Fabulous!!! I come home, (Ken went out with a friend for the afternoon)and come to find out Casey and HOLLY greeted me at the door. I said " Oh WOW HOLLY you have been free ALL DAY" "What in the world are you doing out"?? I pet her and ask her did she break out of her crate? She looks at me and then ducks her head and RAN. hmmmmm I say to me... " Self, usually when she does that she has been bad." Poor Casey ran nad got her sock and looked up at me and said " arent I adorable mama?" YEAHHHHHHH So I walk into the living room and It is trashed! So then I proceed forward in a serious ass kicking mode and then I find THISYup you guessed it. Its our nice new Flip. You know the cute little video camera. Thing is, is that it was in its case. ZIPPED up. She unzipped it, and got it our. Chewing on it. The screen is all messed up. We will still try to use it. so far this Pound dog has cost us: $4,782.76. YEAhhhhhh Great dog we have.. here are some other pictures...This is the bag the Flip was in. Its all chewed up..

This is my shoe. Nice huh.. I just got them nice and comfy. Heffer dog!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Baby Shower

First of all Ken and I are so thankful for the wonderful friends we have. This shower was from a great friend and wonderful lady Vicki. Ken used to be an SRO for Ferndale middle. SRO is a School Resource Officer. Anyways, these are all the teachers that he worked closely with there at Ferndale. It was great for him to see all these ladies after so many years. I had a blast listening to the stories! We got a TON of baby things for little Leonard. Ken and I are so excited!! I personally NEVER thought that this would happen and it has. Thank you God. Enjoy the pictures. My mother did a great job snapping the shots. Thanks!

Ken and I are very blessed and thankful for all the gifts. Thank you!

Target adventure.

Ken and I both had the day off today. We got up early, went to pick up our puppies at the puppy daycare. We then brought them home, and went back out for some errand running. We went to Target in Greensboro because I wanted to get this book Eat, Pray, Love. I had wanted to get it years ago when it came out but never did. I so want to see the movie, but I usually like the books better then Hollywood. As Ken and I are going in, I notice this middle aged woman behind us. To me she looked innocent.
Well, she was walking right behind us the entire time. I paid her no attention. She was just someone else in target. We get to the book isle and there are people all over it, so we had to wait for others to get out of the way. I was talking to Ken about what I wanted to get in that isle when she pushes past us. I think nothing of it because Im talking out loud about what book Im looking for and for him to keep his eyes open for it. I was saying how "I hope its here" that "Im tired of going around looking for it". I spot it and so does the innocent lady. I reach for it and the bitch grabs it. She is now to me the Wicked Witch of Target. She says and I quote " Sorry that is what I was here for too" I say "oh its alright" and I kinda chuckle.! IT WAS THE LAST COPY! So I was like bleep bleep bleep bleep BLEEP! Then I see a Target specialist and I ask her do they have anymore of that book, theAngel of Target showed me where she had just put some more out in another spot. I said aww "Thank you", smiled and wanted so badly to give her a hug. That Wicked Witch of Target HAG is going to have bad Karma till she makes up for what she did.

NOW what I would have done was if the shoe was on the other foot. I would have found the book, I would have seen that there was 1 left I would have told the other person looking for it, and together we would have tried to find another copy. Then if there was only 1 copy I would have flipped her for it. Fair is Fair! Damn hag beeotch!

Ken thinks Im crazy for stewing over this but I cant help it. hahahahaha what do you think? I guess there is no more be nice to thy neighbor. Its all One for all and all for none. Ugh... It just amazes me what some people would do. Because I would never do something like that I would think no one else would either. BUT I have realized everyone isnt like me.! HAG.. I hope that book is missing the last 10 pages.

Monday, May 24, 2010

We are back from a busy weekend at the beach. The weather stunk as it rained mostly all weekend. We had a great Sunday morning. It was nice and sunny and hot. We went to Myrtle Beach with Blake to keep him somewhat busy and this is what we did.. We went to Alligator Adventure. Ken got stuck in an Alligators mouth..

Fishing for stingrays. That was uber cool!

Other then that we are 2 very tired puppies. Its going to be an early night to bed.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Corbins Memorial...

Im all about Memorials this week!

Emotional Unveiling

Katherine “Charli” Chandler hugs her son, Chandler Gil, during the unveiling ceremony Thursday for a sculpture in memory of her daughter Corbin Gil, a third-grade student at Peeler Open School who died from a brain tumor in 2009. Below, at the top of Paul Nixon’s sculpture are a heart, wings and halo, which were influenced by one of Corbin’s drawings. Both photos are by H. Scott Hoffmann.

This was in the newspaper on Saturday. I just thought I would share this! It was a nice article. I think she would really like the memorial.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trojan is not just a form of birth control...

Trojan was the name of the 3 VIRUSES THAT I HAD on my computer when I came home from DC Saturday. Good GOOGLEY MOOGLEY!!!! Thank goodness that nightmare is over! Thanks to a friend my worries of trojans are gone!

Now on to better thingymabobs!

DC trip.. It was wet, hot and beautiful ... pretty much all in that order.. Ken had some problems with his legs. He is now on one leg and crutches. Poor guy. He has an appt with his prosthetic guy tomorrow to find out what the dealio is, so we will just have to wait and see..

Babe Leonard is kicking around, I think he is going to be a soccer player, dodge ball player, and or a temper tantrum thrower because these kicks are freaking AwEsOmE! I absolutely love every pain staking moment!

Casey and Holly had a great time at Air Canine. We picked them up Sunday and they are just now getting back to normal. They sleep non stop when they come home from there. I was worried at first but now I just like the chill out time!

Enjoy the pictures!

These were taken at the PD before we left Wednesday.

Ken using the awesome mode of transportation. We had it down to a science. We even had to use it BY OURSELVES on Friday night. It was scary at first because what if you miss your stop?

These are taken at the Memorial Wall. I didn't get the full view of the whole wall because there was too much going on, but here are a few. I took some really good ones of a fellow fallen officer from a neighboring city. I am thinking of using that one in a contest so no view for YOU! at least til after the contest..

Neat shot of the Capitol Building that I stood in the middle of the road to get. that was after our visit to the Dubliner. That is where we saw Sen Scott Brown. He was much better to see rather then Eric Holder.

This is the picture of of course an ARLINGTON Soldier. It was too dang hot to stand out there to get pictures. I got a few then I had to go somewhere else and sit and drink lots of water to cool down.. Having 1 body that occupies 2 humans is rough at times! (me and the babe)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whew in a moment!

Today was a big day for the Leonard Family. It was the 20 week ultra sound. This is the visit when they measure absolutely everything there is to be measured. If you wanted to find the sex of the baby you could at this time. Ken of course wanted to. I of course wanted it to be a surprise.

Reasons to find out the sex of the babe..

1.Easier to narrow down on a name.
2.Does Ken buy pink NY jerseys or blue.

Reasons to not find out..
1.Too bad we already found out so my reasons for this is null and void.

IT's A

Ill tell you in a bit. We are headed out to Washington DC tomorrow. Sorry Mr Guy who is operating the White House We will NOT be there this year to take pictures. We have so many other things to do!! I want to go to the museum of American Natural History, YOU ALL KNOW I want to go to Arlington.... Id like to go to the zoo too but It might not be possible!

Other then that.. I guess this post is just about finished.. Am I forgetting anything????? Ahh yesmeet our Son, Babe Leonard!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Mothers Day ( mother to be day )

Today was beautiful. We went to a HPU baseball game today. Ken threw out the first pitch today.

We are getting ready to go to Washington DC. It is Police Memorial week. Im so excited it should be great weather and we should have a blast! Pictures will follow.

I felt the baby kick from the outside the other day. Ken felt it to last night. It is sporadic right now and by the time I get him over to where I am she/he stops moving.

I got some really pretty flowers for my mother to be day. Ken got me a very nice card from the babe and I got one from the dogs. I also got a photo cube. That will come in handy. These are from Teresa.

These are from Christina.
The ones mom gave me is a hanging basket. She also gave me a Shepard's hook. Its too dark to take a pic of that but I will take one tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just random

****** UPDATE*******
David Grice is Sheriff of Davidson County. He won the nomination at least. DANGUMMIT I wanted to put this house up for sale!

Well in honor of Lorraine who gives out Recipes I am going to do the same because I think what I made this afternoon is delicious. You can eat it cold or warm . You can put Chicken over it and eat it for dinner or simply as a summer side dish. ITS WONDERFUL.

Ill just call it LeeAnn's yummy pasta

I used whole wheat rigatoni. The whole box.

3 Roasted red peppers from the olive bar ( you may get a jar if they are not available to you fresh)

I used 8 olives. Mediterranean blend. Chopped up

Fresh Mozzarella pearls. ( mozzarella cheese cut up )

1 pkg of Pesto sauce mix ( I used McCormick It was cheaper then Knorr )

salt/pepper to taste.

Make your pasta. Meanwhile cut up your roasted red pepper. Chop your olives. Put into bowl. Add your salt/pepper. Make your pesto mix according to the back of the package.
When your pasta is done, drain and let cool for maybe 5 minutes.
Add your pasta to your red pepper/olive mixture
Add your pesto sauce
Add your mozzarella pearls. Mix all together. YUMMY !!!!!!!!!!

Next order of agenda is Look at the Daddy Rose! It is beautiful!!!

Today was Vote Day. I voted.
This is RE-Elect Gerald Hege. When he was Sheriff before he was caught in a fraud ring and has some felony convictions. Hmmmmmm

We also have existing Sheriff Grice:

We also have Terry Price running:

We will see stay tuned... I may just get rid of this house sooner then later if Davidson County re-elects Hege. Hmmm I dont think he can even carry a gun. UNLESS he goes into a program to get the possession of the gun back. NRA has a relief program as a second chance felons club. Whatever just one more thing as TAX PAYERS we have to pay. Yeah I want a convicted felon running around with a GUN. IN A SHERIFFS Uniform. No doubt if Hege gets elected it opens a new can of worms. How bout coming to Davidson County to live, we hire second chance felons for our law enforcement. This is what will be in the yard if he gets re-elected...I dont care if we have to make 2 house payments. Hello Randolph County sooner or later.

The belly is growing bigger everyday! I go to the doctor next Tuesday to hopefully get some more pictures of the Leonard Babe. How exciting