Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trojan is not just a form of birth control...

Trojan was the name of the 3 VIRUSES THAT I HAD on my computer when I came home from DC Saturday. Good GOOGLEY MOOGLEY!!!! Thank goodness that nightmare is over! Thanks to a friend my worries of trojans are gone!

Now on to better thingymabobs!

DC trip.. It was wet, hot and beautiful ... pretty much all in that order.. Ken had some problems with his legs. He is now on one leg and crutches. Poor guy. He has an appt with his prosthetic guy tomorrow to find out what the dealio is, so we will just have to wait and see..

Babe Leonard is kicking around, I think he is going to be a soccer player, dodge ball player, and or a temper tantrum thrower because these kicks are freaking AwEsOmE! I absolutely love every pain staking moment!

Casey and Holly had a great time at Air Canine. We picked them up Sunday and they are just now getting back to normal. They sleep non stop when they come home from there. I was worried at first but now I just like the chill out time!

Enjoy the pictures!

These were taken at the PD before we left Wednesday.

Ken using the awesome mode of transportation. We had it down to a science. We even had to use it BY OURSELVES on Friday night. It was scary at first because what if you miss your stop?

These are taken at the Memorial Wall. I didn't get the full view of the whole wall because there was too much going on, but here are a few. I took some really good ones of a fellow fallen officer from a neighboring city. I am thinking of using that one in a contest so no view for YOU! at least til after the contest..

Neat shot of the Capitol Building that I stood in the middle of the road to get. that was after our visit to the Dubliner. That is where we saw Sen Scott Brown. He was much better to see rather then Eric Holder.

This is the picture of of course an ARLINGTON Soldier. It was too dang hot to stand out there to get pictures. I got a few then I had to go somewhere else and sit and drink lots of water to cool down.. Having 1 body that occupies 2 humans is rough at times! (me and the babe)


Christina said...

great pics LeeAnn! looks like it was a good time, sorry to hear about Ken :-( hope all goes well..oh yeah LOVE the Metro!! :-)