Sunday, May 30, 2010


Ken and I went over to a friends house last night for the UFC pay-per-view. I found out it was not a documentary on an Urban Functioning Community. It was not about the Uma Foundation of Clothes either. It was a bloody bout that lasted about 3 hrs. actually I think more. We left right before the big fight started. I was pooped. I heard Evans won. Anyhoo... UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting championship. It was ridiculous. These guys could beat the tar out of each other and they get paid big bucks.Although I would never be one to watch it alone, I did find it mildly entertaining. I enjoyed all the commentary that we mouthed in while they were fighting. Some of the fighting positions are quite funny. We had great company and hey, who can ask for more?? Id go see it again. These are some pictures of fights in the past. None that we saw last night. These are brutal.. beware