Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Target adventure.

Ken and I both had the day off today. We got up early, went to pick up our puppies at the puppy daycare. We then brought them home, and went back out for some errand running. We went to Target in Greensboro because I wanted to get this book Eat, Pray, Love. I had wanted to get it years ago when it came out but never did. I so want to see the movie, but I usually like the books better then Hollywood. As Ken and I are going in, I notice this middle aged woman behind us. To me she looked innocent.
Well, she was walking right behind us the entire time. I paid her no attention. She was just someone else in target. We get to the book isle and there are people all over it, so we had to wait for others to get out of the way. I was talking to Ken about what I wanted to get in that isle when she pushes past us. I think nothing of it because Im talking out loud about what book Im looking for and for him to keep his eyes open for it. I was saying how "I hope its here" that "Im tired of going around looking for it". I spot it and so does the innocent lady. I reach for it and the bitch grabs it. She is now to me the Wicked Witch of Target. She says and I quote " Sorry that is what I was here for too" I say "oh its alright" and I kinda chuckle.! IT WAS THE LAST COPY! So I was like bleep bleep bleep bleep BLEEP! Then I see a Target specialist and I ask her do they have anymore of that book, theAngel of Target showed me where she had just put some more out in another spot. I said aww "Thank you", smiled and wanted so badly to give her a hug. That Wicked Witch of Target HAG is going to have bad Karma till she makes up for what she did.

NOW what I would have done was if the shoe was on the other foot. I would have found the book, I would have seen that there was 1 left I would have told the other person looking for it, and together we would have tried to find another copy. Then if there was only 1 copy I would have flipped her for it. Fair is Fair! Damn hag beeotch!

Ken thinks Im crazy for stewing over this but I cant help it. hahahahaha what do you think? I guess there is no more be nice to thy neighbor. Its all One for all and all for none. Ugh... It just amazes me what some people would do. Because I would never do something like that I would think no one else would either. BUT I have realized everyone isnt like me.! HAG.. I hope that book is missing the last 10 pages.


Lorraine said...

hey goofball,,,,,you could have gotten cheaper on amazon anyway or free at your local library!

i read the book a while ago...sorry to say but i skimmed a lot of it ;)

but glad you got your paws on it, prego lady

Christina said...

baby brain strikes again! LOLOL!!! I loved the story and I would probably be doing the same thing as you, and Mason would be saying the same thing as Ken...too funny!

LeeAnn said...

I know I know Lorraine.. BUT my free Thomasville library it is out and there is a line to get it since there is a movie coming out..
Ken paid for the book... It was 30%off and there were no shipping cahrges.. I dont think it was more then 10 bucks.. I dont know Ken paid for it.. heheh!