Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Mothers Day ( mother to be day )

Today was beautiful. We went to a HPU baseball game today. Ken threw out the first pitch today.

We are getting ready to go to Washington DC. It is Police Memorial week. Im so excited it should be great weather and we should have a blast! Pictures will follow.

I felt the baby kick from the outside the other day. Ken felt it to last night. It is sporadic right now and by the time I get him over to where I am she/he stops moving.

I got some really pretty flowers for my mother to be day. Ken got me a very nice card from the babe and I got one from the dogs. I also got a photo cube. That will come in handy. These are from Teresa.

These are from Christina.
The ones mom gave me is a hanging basket. She also gave me a Shepard's hook. Its too dark to take a pic of that but I will take one tomorrow!


Lorraine said...

glad you had a nice day!

Christina said...

Glad you had such a nice day yesterday!!I just remembered you are going to DC! don't it Beth!