Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whew in a moment!

Today was a big day for the Leonard Family. It was the 20 week ultra sound. This is the visit when they measure absolutely everything there is to be measured. If you wanted to find the sex of the baby you could at this time. Ken of course wanted to. I of course wanted it to be a surprise.

Reasons to find out the sex of the babe..

1.Easier to narrow down on a name.
2.Does Ken buy pink NY jerseys or blue.

Reasons to not find out..
1.Too bad we already found out so my reasons for this is null and void.

IT's A

Ill tell you in a bit. We are headed out to Washington DC tomorrow. Sorry Mr Guy who is operating the White House We will NOT be there this year to take pictures. We have so many other things to do!! I want to go to the museum of American Natural History, YOU ALL KNOW I want to go to Arlington.... Id like to go to the zoo too but It might not be possible!

Other then that.. I guess this post is just about finished.. Am I forgetting anything????? Ahh yesmeet our Son, Babe Leonard!


Christina said...

AWWWW!!!!! How sweet!!!!!...ok, so you now lead the way of my preggo friends....so, lets see...Liz should be next to find out....So excited for you guys!!

Christine Schattner said...

Congrats on the BOY!!!!

Sarah said...

Congratulations!! Boys are so much fun!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful Congratulations!!!!!! Good luck, maybe the next one will be a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all 3 DeeDee

Katie said...

So excited for you and Ken!

Lorraine said...

welcome, seven!

Anonymous said...

Congrats you got what you wanted. I bet he will be a great cook just like his mama. Love to all 3 of you. N

sandy said...

Congrats LeeAnn and Ken!!! Wow, this is the year of boys!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! More boy cousins to play with!!! (Sorry Rowan and Maddie!) Now you don't have to worry about getting all that pink frilly stuff you were worried about! I might have to get you something pink just because!!!
Love Pamela

Anonymous said...

Diane thinks LeRoy Paul Leonard is the name to go with. Either that or Prince Darius Leonard.

Mike and Jennifer said...

I finally found your blog! Congratulations! This is such wonderful news. It brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you! Congratulations!