Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pound Dog struck AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I went to work today. It was nice an busy. Plus we got off at 2 instead of 4. Fabulous!!! I come home, (Ken went out with a friend for the afternoon)and come to find out Casey and HOLLY greeted me at the door. I said " Oh WOW HOLLY you have been free ALL DAY" "What in the world are you doing out"?? I pet her and ask her did she break out of her crate? She looks at me and then ducks her head and RAN. hmmmmm I say to me... " Self, usually when she does that she has been bad." Poor Casey ran nad got her sock and looked up at me and said " arent I adorable mama?" YEAHHHHHHH So I walk into the living room and It is trashed! So then I proceed forward in a serious ass kicking mode and then I find THISYup you guessed it. Its our nice new Flip. You know the cute little video camera. Thing is, is that it was in its case. ZIPPED up. She unzipped it, and got it our. Chewing on it. The screen is all messed up. We will still try to use it. so far this Pound dog has cost us: $4,782.76. YEAhhhhhh Great dog we have.. here are some other pictures...This is the bag the Flip was in. Its all chewed up..

This is my shoe. Nice huh.. I just got them nice and comfy. Heffer dog!


Lorraine said...

isnt the saying fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me

yeah i cant feel sorry for you anymore! wait till that dumbass dog gnaws on your baby's toes!

Christina said...