Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just random

****** UPDATE*******
David Grice is Sheriff of Davidson County. He won the nomination at least. DANGUMMIT I wanted to put this house up for sale!

Well in honor of Lorraine who gives out Recipes I am going to do the same because I think what I made this afternoon is delicious. You can eat it cold or warm . You can put Chicken over it and eat it for dinner or simply as a summer side dish. ITS WONDERFUL.

Ill just call it LeeAnn's yummy pasta

I used whole wheat rigatoni. The whole box.

3 Roasted red peppers from the olive bar ( you may get a jar if they are not available to you fresh)

I used 8 olives. Mediterranean blend. Chopped up

Fresh Mozzarella pearls. ( mozzarella cheese cut up )

1 pkg of Pesto sauce mix ( I used McCormick It was cheaper then Knorr )

salt/pepper to taste.

Make your pasta. Meanwhile cut up your roasted red pepper. Chop your olives. Put into bowl. Add your salt/pepper. Make your pesto mix according to the back of the package.
When your pasta is done, drain and let cool for maybe 5 minutes.
Add your pasta to your red pepper/olive mixture
Add your pesto sauce
Add your mozzarella pearls. Mix all together. YUMMY !!!!!!!!!!

Next order of agenda is Look at the Daddy Rose! It is beautiful!!!

Today was Vote Day. I voted.
This is RE-Elect Gerald Hege. When he was Sheriff before he was caught in a fraud ring and has some felony convictions. Hmmmmmm

We also have existing Sheriff Grice:

We also have Terry Price running:

We will see stay tuned... I may just get rid of this house sooner then later if Davidson County re-elects Hege. Hmmm I dont think he can even carry a gun. UNLESS he goes into a program to get the possession of the gun back. NRA has a relief program as a second chance felons club. Whatever just one more thing as TAX PAYERS we have to pay. Yeah I want a convicted felon running around with a GUN. IN A SHERIFFS Uniform. No doubt if Hege gets elected it opens a new can of worms. How bout coming to Davidson County to live, we hire second chance felons for our law enforcement. This is what will be in the yard if he gets re-elected...I dont care if we have to make 2 house payments. Hello Randolph County sooner or later.

The belly is growing bigger everyday! I go to the doctor next Tuesday to hopefully get some more pictures of the Leonard Babe. How exciting