Monday, September 29, 2008

Photo Queen Sarah

Go look at my blogs that I haunt and go to Sarah the Photo Queen and look at her blog. She won FIRST Place for 2 of her pictures that she submitted!! You go!! Im proud of you!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a day.

Welp the Indians beat up on them Cowboys. New Kids on the Block are in concert in Boston. Ken and I are at the lake and it is beautiful weather. The water level is at the most I have ever seen it. We now have to step up to get into the boat. Nice!! We went fishing today and caught nothing. There is always tomorrow! Nicholas Sparks comes out with his book on TUESDAY!!! I cant wait! Im so excited!!

Re-living 1987 baby!!!

Ok Who out there is with me on this....

New Kids On The Block!! Enough said!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Aww man.... Im gonna have to watch Cool Hand Luke this weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

OH My...

Goodness gracious. We got a Nor'easter off of our coast.. its freezing windy and rainy. We have NO GAS. If you see it get it. Apparently the gas is not being pumped through the pipeline. They are unsure whether it is a hangup from the Ike hurricane or if it is a blockage of some sort. We are headed for a depression if we don't get a Workout Plan. Jeez do I really want to have a child in this day in age.? Did my parents think like that when I was an orgasm away? jeez they had to stand in line to get gas and only on a certain day? IS it going to get better? hmmm STRESS!!!! We are supposed to be going to the lake this weekend. I'm nervous about going because we don't know if we are going to have gas for our return trip home! YIKES!!!!! I just have to turn off the tele and not listen to all this stuff going on. Is one better off not knowing whats going on or should we be aware of the shit hole we live in? Its our own fault.. I was brought up if you want money you go to work. If you aren't making enough you work harder? Sometimes I wonder if I would make more money not working, and getting paid by the Govt? NO I just saw we have a hurricane forming off of NC coast.. Kyle ... Nice.. mix that with the Nor'easter we are getting and BAM we have one helluva storm..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here it is...

Here they are. The one below is Katie Lino and Chris. ( Corbins Parents and Uncle.)

This one here is of the group picture with Corbins aunt and Grandmother. This one was on here before but so very tiny.

I talked with Katie today and she sounded good! As good as to be expected. Corbin she said looks like a sumo wrestler. She is very swollen due to a reaction to a seizure medication. They took her off that and put her on another one today. That too started making her swell so they pumped her full of Benedryl and she was snoozing good. I believe they are going to start treatment on her on Monday if she goes throught the weekend with no trouble!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Very Interesting......

I normally dont put Political things on my blog because I dont use it to voice my view. But keep this in mind.....
Barack Obama and Joe Biden stepped out of sync again Tuesday, as the Democratic presidential nominee criticized his running mate for voicing opposition to the government bailout of American International Group early last week.

It was the second off-message moment for the Democratic team in two days. Biden had to ratchet back his own rhetoric Monday after an interview aired in which he called one of his own campaign ads “terrible.”

The lack of harmony suggests the Obama team, for months a rancor-free institution, is running into the kind of message discipline problems that John McCain’s campaign faced before he started to cut back his interaction with reporters.

The latest friction happened when Obama was asked on NBC’s “Today Show” about why he criticized McCain for initially opposing a federal bailout of AIG when Biden was also speaking out against it.

Now wouldnt it be interesting if Joe Biden "suddenly" came down with health problems and had to bail out of the race... THEN THEY PUT HILLARY IN..... hmmmmmmm sneaky sneaky... I sure wouldnt wnt to be running with someone that disagrees with me twice already on national televison. hmmmmmmmmmmmm Tic toc.. tic toc... tic toc....

What a busy day

We have been going all day long. Im pooped!
I got the book for Octobers reading. It sounds good. Nicholas Sparks comes out with his book " The Lucky One " September 30th. I cant wait. Im so excited. You must go to the website and look it up. His books are all about NC. Mostly about places at the coast. He's my Favorite.!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Charlotte Weekend... Corbin ... Dutch ( Kens Dad )

I went to Charlotte this weekend for a hair show. It was lame but I got some cool new stuff to use. I didnt get any sleep last night because Davidmy boss had a slight breathing problem that night.

Ok so we get to the Hotel yesterday and we start drinking. All is good, we get dressed ready to go out to the Bars of Charlotte. I have come to the conclusion that Im no longer bar hopping age. I felt old and I felt way out of place. Is this common when you are about to turn 34? DOnt get me wrong I have had my share of times out at a bar. FOr some reason last night I felt OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasnt thinking hmm I need another beer what I was thining was damn I cant drink anymore I have to get up tomorrow morning. Looking back now I wished I would have drank some more so that maybe I could have gotten some shut eye. Instead of thinking hmmm Im gonna get me some of that I was thinking hmmmm I wished I was at home with Ken. Hes sick.. Hims got a cold... We went to Bar Charlotte, The Forum, Alley Cat, and we ate pizza and garlic knots and cinnamon knots at a place called Fuel. AWESOME!!!!! IT was tasty!! Will I ever get my bar groove back again or is it over for good?

Update on Corby,
SHe had to go to Duke on her weekend home. She had a fever and as it turns out she had a bladder infection. Her swelling has gone down and I think she is starting her treatments tomorrow! Im sorry about the shaved heads picture of most everyone on the bed Its so small I know I dont know how to make it bigger!! Ill keep trying!

Kens dad had to go to the hospital on Friday turns out he had to get a stent in and now he is home and resting. Geez busy weekend!

Good Bye Yankee Stadium See yah next year across the street.....

Here you go you asked for them.......

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HMMMMMMM... just some pictures I found of my cousin Lorraine!!!

Lorraine and AJ

Shaved Heads II

Corbin is home for now. She is going to spend the weekend here and go back to Duke next week to start her treatment. Thank you for all your thoughts and your prayers!! Once again I have to ask to keep them coming! This baby isnt out of the woods yet. She has a long and winding road ahead but thankfully it will be full of friends and family!!

Here is one half of the gang. Im waiting on getting a picture of Charli ( Katie ) and her bald beautiful head! Hope you all have a great day and Ill talk soon..

Monday, September 15, 2008

New York This time around.... UsAir Much Better!!!

Ok we went to the airport and boarded the plane and then they came over the loud speaker and said:" Its going to be about 15 minutes before we can take off folks. Sit back and realx we will be on our way momentarily." Ok if any of you know my past history with going to New York and seeing a Yankee game go to 2007 August and read that post for Delta. But 15 min and we were off, this time they told the truth. We got to Ny and got Kens bags went outside and this Iranian man asked us if we needed a taxi..... So we get shuffled to this mercedes benz and was in the back seat and what a ride that was going through the streets of Queens and NY city. We got to Manhattan and dropped our bags off and off on our walk we went. We found Rockefellar Center, St Patricks Cathedral which I said a little prayer to and lit a candle on Corbins behalf, went to NBC, walked and found this FIre Station with its doors up and peeked in and saw the memorial they had built for the fallen officers. Went to the game on SUnday and it was AWESOME!!!! I was so close that I could hear the sweat roll down their cheeks!! It was so much fun we had a good time. Yall Derek Jeter was like right there in front of my face and LOOKING at me while I of course took multiple pictures of him! He is C U T E!!!! Johnny Damon was there too got some good ones of him. Petit, Mussina, A-Rod, The shitty pitcher Pavano. Knoe was there too but luckily he got his lazy ass thrown out of the game. Anyways I saw it all. Jason Giambi was right there at 1st so I was the closest to him since we literally sat directly across from 1st base. If these guys would have passed gas We would have heard it!! hahahaha Great views of the whole ball park!! It is a smelly old thing when you are walking in the hallway I guess before you go to your section. THey are small and very narrow! THe new one across the street looks very nice. I hope that I can afford to go see a game there! Enjoy the pics I have 363 more! 360 of them are of Jeter! hahahahahahahaahahah Kens family was awesome for housing us for 3 days. It was nice to see everyone and we cant wait to get back. Im glad I got to see Yankee stadium with Ken!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Go here it is wonderful!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Shaved buddies!

Here they are .. Some of the bravest people I know!! I dont have a picture of Charlie ( the mom) yet but I hear that her head is shaved. Zachary told me that! THis is uncle Chris the real bald head. His Beautiful wife Penny the big brother Chandler, the Daddy Lino and a family friend in the back!! GOod job you guys!! They did a procedure on her today, they put a shunt in her head to allow the excess brain fluid to drain. She is doing well, she is laughing and wants everyone especially Jon Zachary and Nikki to be bald. Corbin may be able to come home before she has to start treatment! I have my hotmail address out there on all these blog sites and I just wanted to share that it is amazing what the internet has done for us! I am communicating with people about this disease and I have to say how nice people are to offer help. People we dont even know. they have had family members sick from this and they just want to extend the prayers.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just some words... and pictures

Do ya'llk think that this bag is too big for me to take it to the yankee game??Please leave me a comment to let me know. This is what my camera goes in. Corbin is going in for surgery tomorrow. They will be shaving her hair off tonite and they will put a shunt in so hopefully that will help with the draining of the excess fluid. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers and I just want you all to know that they are working so please dont let them stop!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah my Photo Queen these are for you!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I think this is how you spell it. Gliobastoma. I am not going to write what it is. You all can Google it and it is what it is. Please Pray for this little girl. To be without pain. Duke is taking very good care of her and If you have any questions please email me. Thank you for all of your thoughts for Corbin in the last week. She is smiling when the pain isn't there and talking when we ask her questions. It hurts her eyes for the light so the lights re off in the room and we cant talk to loud. Ken and I brought her this glow in the dark coloring thingy I don't know Crayola makes it. Hopefully she will be able to use it! Her brother Chandler is doing well and is unknown to the severity of this Glioblastoma. Corbin doesn't know either and I do not believe they are going to share that info with them. I will keep you all updated. Please Pray.

UPDATE AS OF 9:24, The doctor drilled a hole in her head today to release some fluid. after he did that she felt much better. She had both eyes open which is a good thing!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Updates.. general conversation

I couldn't find 90210 on any of my channels. I flipped and flipped and couldn't find anything. I think it was on one of those WB channels that I don't have programmed in. Ill watch it online if I can find it. Other then that My FEET are killing me. I wear heels to work now, and well I have no one else to blame except for me! My outfit sure does look snazzy though. alright not much here. Corbin is doing well. Her MRI came back today clear and they are now waiting on the pathology report telling us what kind of tumor she has and what the next steps are to get rid of it.
Oh my goodness we have a hurricane coming. Hopefully it wont hit us too bad. Mom.. Wait on buying that beach house, you may get a better deal after the hurricane season.

On another note. Mama sold Daddys car today to my cousins hubby. So its still like in the family. So NOW she gets to park in the garage and it is protected from this hurricane they say that we may get. WHO KNOWS!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pics I took today.

Well after saving and saving I went out today and got this camera. I got a Sony DSLR-A200. It is so pretty. I had a blast today taking these pics of absolutley nothing. hahaha The Lake is the lake behind my house. Oak Hollow. The old man I thought was funny sitting there fishing, he was listening to NPR, fishing away. At one point he was even talking back to the radio. Funny. The plant I think is my favorite. There is so much depth in it and Ahhh I dont have any kiddies to take pics of or animals. The doggies are at Kens. Ken told me yall to buy this. So I DID! I love it. I spent my tips on this instead of a vacation. My vacation yall know was FREE!!!!!! I got a really good deal, Circuit City I think hooked me up! Not really but I like to think they did. hahahahaha Enjoy the pics Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.. Off to watch 90210!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Update on Corbin.
She went into surgery first thing this morning. There were 2 cysts attached to the tumor. They extracted the fluid that was in them and then cut out part of the tumor. Since it was growing from the inside of her brain they couldn't get it all. She is fine and in recovery and will be in ICU for the next 24 hrs. She will then be moved to a room and monitored closely. Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming, she isn't out of the woods yet. When I hear news from the pathology report Ill let you know. Thank you!