Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Shaved buddies!

Here they are .. Some of the bravest people I know!! I dont have a picture of Charlie ( the mom) yet but I hear that her head is shaved. Zachary told me that! THis is uncle Chris the real bald head. His Beautiful wife Penny the big brother Chandler, the Daddy Lino and a family friend in the back!! GOod job you guys!! They did a procedure on her today, they put a shunt in her head to allow the excess brain fluid to drain. She is doing well, she is laughing and wants everyone especially Jon Zachary and Nikki to be bald. Corbin may be able to come home before she has to start treatment! I have my hotmail address out there on all these blog sites and I just wanted to share that it is amazing what the internet has done for us! I am communicating with people about this disease and I have to say how nice people are to offer help. People we dont even know. they have had family members sick from this and they just want to extend the prayers.


Anonymous said...

That is soooo cool!!! C'mon Nikki!!! You can do it!!