Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Updates.. general conversation

I couldn't find 90210 on any of my channels. I flipped and flipped and couldn't find anything. I think it was on one of those WB channels that I don't have programmed in. Ill watch it online if I can find it. Other then that My FEET are killing me. I wear heels to work now, and well I have no one else to blame except for me! My outfit sure does look snazzy though. alright not much here. Corbin is doing well. Her MRI came back today clear and they are now waiting on the pathology report telling us what kind of tumor she has and what the next steps are to get rid of it.
Oh my goodness we have a hurricane coming. Hopefully it wont hit us too bad. Mom.. Wait on buying that beach house, you may get a better deal after the hurricane season.

On another note. Mama sold Daddys car today to my cousins hubby. So its still like in the family. So NOW she gets to park in the garage and it is protected from this hurricane they say that we may get. WHO KNOWS!!!!


Lorraine said...

glad your mom sold the car!
you all need CELLARS there!

Lorraine said...

it is raining here today; i heard it is from one of the hurricanes...