Sunday, September 7, 2008


I think this is how you spell it. Gliobastoma. I am not going to write what it is. You all can Google it and it is what it is. Please Pray for this little girl. To be without pain. Duke is taking very good care of her and If you have any questions please email me. Thank you for all of your thoughts for Corbin in the last week. She is smiling when the pain isn't there and talking when we ask her questions. It hurts her eyes for the light so the lights re off in the room and we cant talk to loud. Ken and I brought her this glow in the dark coloring thingy I don't know Crayola makes it. Hopefully she will be able to use it! Her brother Chandler is doing well and is unknown to the severity of this Glioblastoma. Corbin doesn't know either and I do not believe they are going to share that info with them. I will keep you all updated. Please Pray.

UPDATE AS OF 9:24, The doctor drilled a hole in her head today to release some fluid. after he did that she felt much better. She had both eyes open which is a good thing!