Sunday, September 21, 2008

Charlotte Weekend... Corbin ... Dutch ( Kens Dad )

I went to Charlotte this weekend for a hair show. It was lame but I got some cool new stuff to use. I didnt get any sleep last night because Davidmy boss had a slight breathing problem that night.

Ok so we get to the Hotel yesterday and we start drinking. All is good, we get dressed ready to go out to the Bars of Charlotte. I have come to the conclusion that Im no longer bar hopping age. I felt old and I felt way out of place. Is this common when you are about to turn 34? DOnt get me wrong I have had my share of times out at a bar. FOr some reason last night I felt OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasnt thinking hmm I need another beer what I was thining was damn I cant drink anymore I have to get up tomorrow morning. Looking back now I wished I would have drank some more so that maybe I could have gotten some shut eye. Instead of thinking hmmm Im gonna get me some of that I was thinking hmmmm I wished I was at home with Ken. Hes sick.. Hims got a cold... We went to Bar Charlotte, The Forum, Alley Cat, and we ate pizza and garlic knots and cinnamon knots at a place called Fuel. AWESOME!!!!! IT was tasty!! Will I ever get my bar groove back again or is it over for good?

Update on Corby,
SHe had to go to Duke on her weekend home. She had a fever and as it turns out she had a bladder infection. Her swelling has gone down and I think she is starting her treatments tomorrow! Im sorry about the shaved heads picture of most everyone on the bed Its so small I know I dont know how to make it bigger!! Ill keep trying!

Kens dad had to go to the hospital on Friday turns out he had to get a stent in and now he is home and resting. Geez busy weekend!