Monday, September 15, 2008

New York This time around.... UsAir Much Better!!!

Ok we went to the airport and boarded the plane and then they came over the loud speaker and said:" Its going to be about 15 minutes before we can take off folks. Sit back and realx we will be on our way momentarily." Ok if any of you know my past history with going to New York and seeing a Yankee game go to 2007 August and read that post for Delta. But 15 min and we were off, this time they told the truth. We got to Ny and got Kens bags went outside and this Iranian man asked us if we needed a taxi..... So we get shuffled to this mercedes benz and was in the back seat and what a ride that was going through the streets of Queens and NY city. We got to Manhattan and dropped our bags off and off on our walk we went. We found Rockefellar Center, St Patricks Cathedral which I said a little prayer to and lit a candle on Corbins behalf, went to NBC, walked and found this FIre Station with its doors up and peeked in and saw the memorial they had built for the fallen officers. Went to the game on SUnday and it was AWESOME!!!! I was so close that I could hear the sweat roll down their cheeks!! It was so much fun we had a good time. Yall Derek Jeter was like right there in front of my face and LOOKING at me while I of course took multiple pictures of him! He is C U T E!!!! Johnny Damon was there too got some good ones of him. Petit, Mussina, A-Rod, The shitty pitcher Pavano. Knoe was there too but luckily he got his lazy ass thrown out of the game. Anyways I saw it all. Jason Giambi was right there at 1st so I was the closest to him since we literally sat directly across from 1st base. If these guys would have passed gas We would have heard it!! hahahaha Great views of the whole ball park!! It is a smelly old thing when you are walking in the hallway I guess before you go to your section. THey are small and very narrow! THe new one across the street looks very nice. I hope that I can afford to go see a game there! Enjoy the pics I have 363 more! 360 of them are of Jeter! hahahahahahahaahahah Kens family was awesome for housing us for 3 days. It was nice to see everyone and we cant wait to get back. Im glad I got to see Yankee stadium with Ken!


Lorraine said...

nice; glad you had fun!

Katie said...

some nice pics u got you made it


Queenie said...

Nice pics LeeAnn, too bad the Yankees suck!! LOL

Ken said...

Well, queenie, I guess after 26 World Championships, 39 Pennants, and more records in Major League Baseball than any other team, they can't win them all.....although they have come closer than any other team in history.

Did I mention they have more championships than ANY other team in ANY other sport?

Ahhhh, only Red Sox fans can harbor such resentment.

LeeAnn said...

oohhh.. Ya'll done did it now. Ya'll made Kenny angry. They ( Yankees) are terrible this year. They are still CUTE!!!!!!