Thursday, September 25, 2008

OH My...

Goodness gracious. We got a Nor'easter off of our coast.. its freezing windy and rainy. We have NO GAS. If you see it get it. Apparently the gas is not being pumped through the pipeline. They are unsure whether it is a hangup from the Ike hurricane or if it is a blockage of some sort. We are headed for a depression if we don't get a Workout Plan. Jeez do I really want to have a child in this day in age.? Did my parents think like that when I was an orgasm away? jeez they had to stand in line to get gas and only on a certain day? IS it going to get better? hmmm STRESS!!!! We are supposed to be going to the lake this weekend. I'm nervous about going because we don't know if we are going to have gas for our return trip home! YIKES!!!!! I just have to turn off the tele and not listen to all this stuff going on. Is one better off not knowing whats going on or should we be aware of the shit hole we live in? Its our own fault.. I was brought up if you want money you go to work. If you aren't making enough you work harder? Sometimes I wonder if I would make more money not working, and getting paid by the Govt? NO I just saw we have a hurricane forming off of NC coast.. Kyle ... Nice.. mix that with the Nor'easter we are getting and BAM we have one helluva storm..