Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Days 22,23,24,25,26,and 27

Day 27 Pets

We have 2 dogs! Holly the pound dog and Casey

Day 26 Picture of my family

Day 25 Put my iPod on shuffle... the 1st 10 songs... its in the other room.. hold on Ill go and get it! Got it. the 1st 10 songs are:

1. Tight Fittin Jeans Conway
2. If I knew Then Lady A
3. Little Miss Sugarland
4. Hello World WHICH IM TIRED OF HEARING... ugh pass that one! Lady A It was so much nicer when no one liked country... they would never overplay the songs.. now I hear them all over!
5. Hold on Loosely .38 special
6. Galway Girl Steve Earle
7. Moving in Stereo The Cars
8. If I ever Leave this World Alive Flogging Molly
9. The Outdoor Type Lemonheads
10. Upside Down Jack Johnson

Day 24 Something that I have Learned

I have learned alot. But the one thing that I have learned in the last few months is that you NEVER change a diaper on a boy without having another one right there or you will get HOSED!

Day 23 Favorite Vacation

I went to a Chinese restaurant years ago. I eat some yummy food, talk with friends, then the time comes for the fortune cookies!!! Its my favorite part because it is like a little bit of a surprise inside that cookie! Well I picked mine and then opened them with friends It said :

"From the floors of the ocean, And the winds of the tide, A vacation awaits you far and wide"

I just love that saying!! It is on my fridge to this day. I have had it for many many years!! All vacations are my favorite!! You know I especially love the Beach!

Day 22 Favorite City

My favorite city would have to be New York of course!! I love it there! The crowded streets, the smell of the cars hustling and bustling, hot dogs cooking on the side of the street. People rushing past you because they are late for the train.. Grand Central. the Bakeries... oh I could go on and on... I also love Washington DC.

Tune in later to find out what stresses me out!