Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alright.. I switched up the blog a bit..

Alright... so I made this blog appear before the other one so I hope that you read this one.. If not Ill put some pictures in so I know that you will..Take a peek at this.. Something I will NEVER do.. I'm eating crow on that one.. I have too much stuff to do so I did this.. He didn't choke he was fine. I just thought this was amusing because I said I would NEVER do that!

I got the Bjorn up and working. I wear it around the house so that I can do something other then sit there all day on the couch...This is a much better alternative to sitting on the couch. He wants to be held, I have things to do, I get the Bjorn...

Lets see.... I wanted to upload a video but it is not letting me.. Ill keep trying. Talk later.. Have fun Christmas shopping.. I am going to go this week and get it knocked out.


Lorraine said...

wow, you have things to do? you cant sit on the couch 10 hours a day holding a baby?
shocking news.
cant wait to see you!