Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 14

OH MY GOSH 30 days have never been so long...
Ok today is Day 14. Not consecutively but, for blog purposes it is day 14, A picture that I love!

I love all my pictures! I love the ones that got me an Honorable Mention, the one that won Third place. I love the one of our child as the doctor held him up in all his nastiness as he came out of my body, the pictures of the dogs, my parents, Blake, Ken and I on our first trip together. Pictures are a way to preserve the memory to keep it going. you may not remember something until you see a picture, or smell a familiar smell etc... It was hard to pick out 1 favorite picture, so I picked out many!

This is my most favorite picture. The one with the heartbeat is my second favorite. This is the very first picture of our little guy.

Our first picture together. I wanted one but I didnt want to take it for fear he would think it was stupid. SO I had a friend do it and I was like noooo you dont have to take a picture, and KEN said yeah take it I want one!! AWWWWWWWW

I loved my bunny cake! I think in all my 25 yrs of having Birthdays this cake is my favorite! You did a good job MOM!

I had to put this in because I would NEVER feed Hank in his bouncy... what if he choked?


mixed girl said...

Awwwww, love all your pictures! I remember when I first met you when you started dating Ken! How sweet!

Lorraine said...

you are so crazy...i remember propping up blankets so they would feed themselves!