Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 17 30 day cahllenge

Day 17 something I am looking forward too...

I can honestly say that I have been so excited for a vacation that I look forward to it. it comes and then boom it is over. So I choose to look foward to things that I am going to do the day of. Yes I am excited about Christmas coming. I am excited about eating a big ole turkey on Thanksgiving with all my favorite fixins. I am excited about the baby baptism on the 5th. I get to see family that live out of state.

I dont want to look forward to much because we never know what can happen in an instant. Someone could not get great news about their health. A paycheck that you look forward to may not show up. I refuse to look forward to anything that is more then 48 hrs. I may be excited about it but I wont look forward to it for fear it would/could/may or may not happen.

All I can say is that I hope that you are excited about day 18 post.


Lorraine said...

you regret not moving to NH.