Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 18,19,20,21 30 day challenge

Okay I have the time while little man is taking a nap... So I got days 18 through 21 done! Wallah!

Day 21 is a picture of me...

Day 20
Nicknames day:
Lizbeth- my mom calls me this
Bitch- Nikki calls me this
Lizzy- my mom calls me this
Okay that sums up Nicknames!

Day 19
Something I miss.... hmmm I miss my black rainbow flip flops that Holly the pound dog ate.

Day 18:
What I regret day.. I regret alot of things. But without the regret I would not be the people I am today. It is not worth bringing up my regrets.. Id think about it all day and then Id get pissed off about them and well now there is nothing in the world I can do about them so they will stay buried in my Librainy for now!!!!


Lorraine said...

hey you know you could have asjusted the dates so they would appear for the next few days! that is waht i do :)
sorry no sbackspace righ tno