Sunday, September 30, 2007

ahh Reality shows..

well I just got finished watching VH1 Rock of Love with Brett Michaels. Yes I know what you all are saying, I cant belive I watched that show either but I did! I was I have to say pleased with the outcome. Brett picked Jess. She was the cuter of the 2. Now ya'll know next week they gonna have a reunion show. I am sure I will be talking after that one seeing all the cat claws come out on that one. Reerrarrrrrr..
This week has been very busy, after I got back I have been working nonstop. Ken and I stayed at home all day I didnt answer the phone or anything all day! It was actually nice . Have ya'll ever had one of those non social days?
While I was in Vegas, Ken picked Blake up from school and took him to the Police department where he got sworn in. He is now an "official" HighPoint Police Occifer.
I have posted some pics below so that you can see them. He is such a cutie patootie.


Lorraine of Ferland Family! said...

when are you going to shack up, then marry, then have babies w the KMan. hahahahhahah

if i hear you didnt pick up the phone when i ring, i will be mad. got it