Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sports Sunday.

Please help me understand why it is that MEn get so upset over their teams losing? Is it possible to have a Sunday where you just sit on the couch and relax , watch a couple of good games on TV and just chill? Why cant that be? You know what is more bothersome to them if their team loses? I know Its all the badgering that they are going to get from the people that come out of the woodwork who happen to hate the team that lost. I just dont get it. Ok Ken jusut siad I dont understand it is like "religion" ARE YOU MAD? ITS A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! but you know I would be the same way if they had Coach on sale and the one I wanted was already taken, I would be pretty bummed as well I think that might even ruin my night! Well I went to the Fair today I will send some pics of that and of the "Officer Blake " that I was supposed to send a couple of days ago. Tootles for now.


Lorraine of Ferland Family! said...

it bugs me when men OR women talk too much about sports. i guess my family never cared. it is very silly to me.

however do check out the soccer superstar video at my blog