Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I just love this time of year! The apple pies, the cool days and the cooler nights. I love the vibrant colors of the leaves on the trees. You know, waiting in line for the haunted house with gloves and a hat on your head because when you breathe out you can see your breath!!

WELL NOT THIS YEAR! I aint got any apple pies because the apples are so small that they are sour because we have NO RAIN. the cool days and the cooler nights yeah if you like the hight during the day to be 91' and the low at night to be 77'. Yeah all our leaves already fell off due to the lack of water. Ill be going to a haunted house this weekend and I doubt Ill be wearing a hat and gloves. try shorts and a tank top. They ( the people that we call weather know-it-allers) say that its going to get cooler as the week goes on.Yeah Ill belive that when I see it. Went to see a good movie today it was called "The Kingdom" Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner. I liked it VERY VIOLENT! I finally pulled Ken out of his "the yankees lost " depression and went to the post office this morning. He pulled into the handicapped like he always does and some woman pulled up and yelled at him "sir sir are you handicapped pointing and shaking her handicapped placard to him, He said yes mamn I am I have 2 prosthetic legs, She then said oh sorry and drove off out of the post office parking lot and on down the road she went. I thought that was extremly rude. Yes I understand that some ppl take advantage of the handicapped parking places but you know what if the only reason you have it is because you are fat and cant walk too far because you are lazy that doesnt give you a right to question why other ppl are parking in that spot. UGH Im aggravated today. Damn Yankees You dont know what I have to see when that damn tema loses. My man goes in total depression I wonder sometimes IF he should be on medication during the football, hockey, and basball, season. THAT IS THE WHOLE DAMN YEAR give a week or two in between seaons. all I have to say is may the best team win and for his sake and his sanity I hope it is not Boston. hahahahahhhahahaahha