Friday, September 21, 2007


Well Folks today I am getting redy to go to Vegas for the first time ever. I have bought a new suit case just for the trip. For everyone reading who doesnt know why I bought a new suit case please read my Blog: Delta the Airline of Idiots. I have bought this to take everything with me on the plane. This should be fun seeing as I have been known to have to take a couple of pairs of shoes and a hairdryer out of my suit case and put it into Kens because it was so heavy.. But this time it a different time. Im taking just exactly what I need If I need anything else out there Ill just buy it there. Tonite Im going to pac and get the iPod corretly working and then Ill be set. Now here is the fun part, My trip starts tomorrow afternoon at 6 when I take or supposedly takes off for Charlotte. ON A PUDDLE HOPPER!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh Im terrified. I dont want to go on a turboprop plane. but I wasnt going to take Delta they can kiss my ass. So here I am taking a turboprop. then I get to Charlotte and jump on a plane going to Vegas at 8. Ill be in Vegas at 9:50 Vegas time. Yippie!!!!!! ok WEll more on the Trip when I get home. Talk to everyone soon!! Tootles!!