Monday, October 5, 2009

Photo Update!

I entered some photos in the Dixie Classic this year and LOOK... Im am very happy. I did alot better then I thought that I would do! Very Exciting. !!!

This was the Flower category. Honorable Mention.

Black and White Landscape. Third Place.

Of course we had some food. David went with us this afternoon.

This is the Fried Butter. David was the only brave one. He said it was good, but not worth it.

This was AWESOME! We WILl be getting some more fried cheese when we go to the State Fair on the 18th. This place has the best fried cheddar bites.

We played some games...


Lorraine said...

fried butter is disgusting. holy crap!

great job on the pics :)

kate said...

i can't think of anything more like hell then eating fried butter. blech!

your flower picture is so very beautiful!! and is there anything more gorgeous then b&w photos?

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you, babe!! Your pictures are awesome!! Can't wait until next year, now that you have some experience under your belt you'll be an old pro by then!!!

By the way, that fried Twinkie was AWESOME!!!