Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trouble is now home........

Trouble is home and is doing well. As you can hear from the video she is whining alot. She seems to be very humble if dogs can be humble. Pobre bebé! Ella es tan lamentable. Bendice a su pequeña cabeza puntiaguda! Im practicing my Spanish for when Carlos from Il Divo comes over to massage my feet and sing to me for my Bachelorette party. And by the way girls that will be a private party for me only thank you! Thank you so much for that gift!! I will cherish it with everything that I hold dear to my heart!! Just so you know which one Im tlaking about here is a picture:

But Anyhoo, Trouble is fine.. she is asleep in her crate and she is not Moaning anymore... Pobre bebé.


Anonymous said...

is he wearing man-scara?

LeeAnn said...

I have no idea. Does it offend you that he wants to enhance his eyes a bit more by using some man-scara?
I bet though he does some man-scaping.