Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Food Network Cooks.

Ok I like watching Giada, but I have a slight problem.... I WANT TO SEE COOKING not her boobs! I have a nice pair already Giada I dont really need to look at yours while you are scooping Mascarpone Cheese. Have you ever noticed that? When they show a close up of her cooking or adding something they always get a shot of her tits in there. UGH.. I do have to say She is one of the reasons Ken watches food network with me!

Now Barefoot Contessa.. I always wonder what she is going to make for Jeffery.She never shows her boobs!

Poor Sandra Lee. I think she stays drunk all the time making one of her very own COCKTAILS!


Anonymous said...

Giada cooks on her show???

I never knew.

kate said...

giada's breast look floppy to me. she definitely needs better bras. snark, snark.

kate said...

and the barefoot contessa - though i love her - needs to quit tasting everything. just a thought.

Susan Beebe said...

I agree LeeAnn!! Tom seems to enjoy Giada's show though. Imagine that!! He also likes Sandra Lee, mostly because she ALWAYS has something for cocktail time!! :-)

Katie said...

i can't stand giada and when she bites into her food and groans. her bites bug me too. and the way she pronounces italian words and doesn't look italian at all.

i like the fat southern lady who always seems drunk and happy.
sandra lee is plain old out of style and cheesy. her kitchen set is so fugly!
i love alton brown the best. so cute!
and tyler too. i also like the diners and drive in guy.
like barefoot contessa too. she's fat but rich, so it's ok.
god, now i'm hungry!

Anonymous said...

Don't be hatin'!!!!!!