Friday, May 8, 2009

Trouble Update

We just called the doggie hospital to check on her, and they have her sedated and she is resting nicely. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Im really torn up. I know I give her a hard time but she has seriously sorta grown on me a tad. just a tad. She was pitiful this afternoon when we left. poor tang!!!!


kate said...

oh no!!!! poor little trouble. what a horrible few days you all have had!!

i am so sorry she ate your bags!!! those were probably for your wedding.

and i'm so sorry she ate your shoes and generally gets on your last nerve. i really know how that is -- we have ella, our 9 month old golden retriever. besides many other things like shoes, ella has now started to eat our kitchen floor (but at least now i get pergo!)

i'm glad you have a bit of a soft spot in your heart for her even though she has been a pain.

but because you know i have a soft spot for trouble too, i am going to advocate for her with you so forgive me in advance! :)

trouble didn't know you when she was just a wee puppy and didn't have someone like you and ken to train her in the ways she should be so instead she learned bad manners and behaviors. she was an orphan at the pound because no one could obviously deal with her crazy behaviour. and now, she's having to learn stuff all over again which is confusing to her and she is certainly paying for the big mistakes with this surgery.

one just has to look into pound dogs eyes and know that she wants to do better for you.

but i DO know you are paying for it too in so many ways. (hint: our ella)

if you don't kill her first, pound dog will be a wonderful pet for you and ken someday - after she learns what you want her to be and feels as if she is a part of the family forever. (that is exactly what my husband tells me about ella after some of her adventures and i'm ready to explode! heh.)

kate said...

btw pound dog is very lucky to have you and ken who would care for her medical needs like you do. really.

Lorraine said...

wow, kate is a big writer :)
i would have given the damn dog back to the kennel.
haha i am mean!

kate said...

lol. oops.

i guess i did write 'big' sorry!

LeeAnn said...

Oh Kate. You ahve a way of making me feel so much better!! Thank you! We just may change her name to Truffle. The vet made a good point that we have to be careful what we name her. since we named Trouble, Trouble she has caused nothing but. So I think maybe Truffle will be her new name since she obviously liked that chocolate and it sounds somewhat like Trouble! What do you think?

Anonymous said...
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kate said...

at the risk of hogging all the comments, i think truffle is a perfect name!

LeeAnn said...

Kate.. you can hog any comment of mine you want too... I always enjoy hearing from you!