Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holly... AKA Trouble strikes again

I swear this dog..... bless its heart... ok now... We have gone back to the original name of Holly. Holly is no longer Trouble. Hopefully she will no longer give us trouble.

So here it is Monday night at 10:45pm and off Ken and I go back to the animal hospital because we notice that there is some blood spurting from her stomach where she has the incision. We get there, sit in the waiting room AGAIN, go to the exam room AGAIN, then the doctor comes in and tells us that it is fluid that has built up and it is normal for it to seep out. Great do you think someone could have told us about a fluid that is red seeping out of her incision, that would have been helpful huh? UGH geez la weeze........ So now she has the cone on 100% of the time, she cant get out of the doggie door and now we have to put hot compresses on her belly because she is leaking this FLUID.

On another note..... maybe Im the only one but, do you wish that there was a dance place that you could go to, to dance. you know like the one once Saturday Night Fever? A nice bar that you can get dressed up to go to and just dance. Ken asked me last night we were talking about a friend of ours and I had made the comment of " she has just let herself go". He said why? I said well think about it.. you date, you go out and the girl feels like she needs some new clothes for the date. Then you go on trips and the girl thinks that she needs some new shoes for the trip, Then you get married and suddenly the man quits taking her out. Then she is like whats the point in buying new clothes or new shoes if you never go anywhere except Target? Am I wrong?????

So what we need to do ladies is continue to date after we are married? Is it possible?
I feel like that is a sex and the city question.. yes my name is LeeAnn, not Carrie! Although I like Charlotte the best!Miranda not so much, and well I sorta kinda find Samantha fascinating


kate said...

do you have holly's cone attached to her collar so she won't take it off? just curious. those things are pains in the butt.

so dating after marriage: my husband and i have been married for 15 years in August and we have said from the beginning that Friday night is our date night(for the very reasons you mentioned).

we haven't always been able to go out just the 2 of us over the years -- sometimes we had other things come up, obligations and such -- especially after the kids came. but we have always known inside that it was our day and try to do something special for each other in word or deed even if it's a small thing. and should my husband forget? he hears about it from me. :) i, on the other hand, am excused if i forget. its just the way it works at our house. heh.

LeeAnn said...

Oh yes siree do we have that collar attached! It would have been flung across the room if we didnt. I think that the Friday nite Date night sounds good. Ill have to ask Ken what he thinks about it.
Last night when we were trying to go to the hospital we had to attach that collar to her own collar and it was such a horrible experience! OMG we both tried it we both threw it and we both said uck it and we left with half of it attached and the other half hanging! hahahahahhaha YOu make me laugh I hope that you have a great day!