Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bye Ken


Ken is Yankee Fantasy Camp bound in Tampa Fla. He is going to have a ball I just know it! I am on the other hand having some fun on my own. Nikki is going to have her babe tomorrow morning by C- section. Natalie should show us her little face bright and early which Im sure I will be asleep when she does. Pictures will follow when I get them. Natalie Raven will be her name.


Anonymous said...

How about some pictures of the fun you're having.......Please

Lorraine said...

hey i thought you were going with ken?

Anonymous said...

Please put some good shots of Carly on while you have her. Nikki said it would be when she got home and put pictures on and you know she doesn't want to mess with that. Wonder why Jon won't do it for us? Oh well