Monday, August 13, 2007

Working in the hair biz is tough. Do you know how freaking nutso I am? I have multiple personalities. I have one for the older woman whose kids never see her. I have one 30 min later for the bride getting her hair done. I have one an hour later for the man who just found out his wife was cheating on him with my customer that is coming in on the next day who is going to tell me about his new girlfriend. UGHHHHHHHHH and people wonder why sometimes Im moody? So Im going to try to use this blog as a type of calming down so I can sleep at night and not have so many things going thru my mind at once sorta thing. I have to get in here though and really do some work I dont want you all to be bored! Tootles...

This is LA by the way signing out til next time!


Dianna said...

Hey lookie! I'm first to comment on you blog.

Doesn't that get a prize or some sort of gift card or something?! lol

(But seriously ... )